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Need to get in touch or want to work with me?


If you’re looking to get in touch because you want to hire me, email me at [email protected] or check out my advertising & PR page.

I am available on almost every social media outlet. Although I check my FacebookTwitter, and Instagram often, an email will be the fastest way to get in touch. If you’re coming to India, join my India Travel Tips Facebook group to ask questions and meet other travelers. 

If you want to keep up with my travels and get extra tips, be sure to follow my social media channels and subscribe via email (there is an option to do so after every post & on the right sidebar of each page).

If you want to know what I write on other websites or magazines, Here is a list of my featured work.

Travel Planning Services

If you have a couple questions about your trip, I’m happy to assist via e-mail. If you have a quite a handful, I hope you may consider donating to my travel fund in exchange. I love to hear back from friends and followers about their travels and don’t mind giving advice.

If you want extensive help planning a trip to India, I do offer planning services via Skype calls. Get ahold of me ([email protected]) to book a time slot. I charge $80 USD for a one hour call. Unfortunately, with the quantity of e-mails I get, I can’t do trip planning for free anymore. I also do not make bookings for hotels or flights although I can help you find great deals.

Because I’ve been in India over three years, I am very knowledgable about the country and how to adapt as a foreigner but have also been here long enough that I can introduce even Indian nationals to new places to explore.

Prior to moving to India, I was well-seasoned in backpacking all the hotspots in India on a budget using local transport, and now that I live here I am more mid-range to luxury in my personal travel plans which means I am capable and knowledgable of helping you with either style of travel. As a nurse, I can also assist with helping you plan your vaccinations and first aid kit.

I have a Facebook group called India Travel Tips – Hippie in Heels which you should join if you love travel in India or are coming and want to get more tips + meet other travelers. 

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Guest Posting

If you are a fellow blogger and you would like to write a post on Hippie in Heels, e-mail me your pitch. Don’t be shy! I love having knowledgable bloggers share with my readers about destinations I haven’t yet been. I am not only interested in travel stories, but fashion, fitness, and adventure in relation to travel as well. Only links will be allowed to your own personal travel blog and social media channels, not companies or anything commercial. While I want to let everyone submit a guest post, it really needs to be a quality article that will help Hippie in Heels readers with their travels. 

If you’re a blogger and want to write in my Backpacker’s Boutique luxury guide interview series about a place you know REALLY well, send me an email with the name of the luxury guide to “insert your city” in the subject.



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