As most people who read my blog know, I spent October of last year with goMowgli touring Karnataka. I raved about what a killer time I had in a review I wrote about the tour. While traveling with them I took my GoPro wanting to get more into video.

UPDATE: As of 2018, goMowgli is currently no longer in service. For tours of India, I recommend G Adventure. Please see my list of the best G Adventures tours here.

It took me months to write about everything I did and get it all posted on the blog. Now all of the tour is up on Hippie in Heels! I thought it’d be cool once I shared everything via words and photos, to show you a video of the highlights. There were times the GoPro was dead at cool places and I didn’t get footage or I forgot to film, so really this captures only about half of the amazing things I got up to.

This was my first time making a travel video. I’m no pro so some parts are shaky, but I’d like to keep making videos if it’s something you guys want to see more of. Let me know in the comments. If you want more information on this tour, check out the many blog posts I have in my goMowgli archives. Enjoy the video!

goMowgli Video

When I look back at this video I am reminded how grateful I am to have gone on the tour of Karnataka. People only associate India with pollution, dirt, noise, or chaos when they discuss travel. Some even say they aren’t too bothered about even seeing India in their lifetime. I think this shows that India has many sides and has beauty, clean air, amazing nature, and wide open spaces.

Since I’ve been posting about rural Karnataka, I’ve had many Indian people message me saying that they’re inspired to travel in their own country after feeling like a foreigner has seen more of than they have. All I know is this was only one small state, there is so much more of India to see! With how great things were with goMowgli, I hope they start up in new locations over the next couple years. I was never into tours, but as you can see I saw an India with them that most people will never see.

Thanks goMowgli & I hope you all enjoyed my goMowgli video.