Stay at an Ashram in Rishikesh, the Birthplace of Yoga

While in Rishikesh, of course I followed in the Beatles footsteps like every other traveler in India, and stayed at an ashram.

There are SO many to choose from.  We across Ram Jhula to Swarg Ashram (an area, not the actual ashram). You could waste days searching for the perfect one so instead, we just went for it with the first one we could afford.

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

When you cross the bridge and turn right, and walk all the way down, you’ll come to Sri Ved Niketan, a hugely popular ashram near Parmath (another popular ashram where the Ganga Aarti takes place).

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips ashram

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

Sri Ved Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh

  • 200 rs per night, we only stayed here 2 nights
  • 100 rs per class because under minimum stay
  • If we had stayed the minimum of 3 days we could have gotten FREE classes
  • Large empty courtyard, huge meditation center, kitchen
  • Yoga was two times a day, as were meditation classes
  • Class attendance was not mandatory
  • Curfew was 10 (typical at ashrams)
  • No mingling with the other sex allowed
  • Chakra and mantra teaching available
  • No Wi-Fi, A/C, or hot water
  • Basic room, hard beds, not clean
  • Front desk was fairly rude & that has been noted on other reviews as well
  • Was a little run-down & wasn’t really relaxing like I’d hoped
  • Contact: [email protected], +91 135 2430279

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips there are different room variations, this is the cheapest option

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

The Daily Yoga

I had been in India about two months at this point, and was starting to be very frustrated with Indian men. The waiter would fart as he served me dinner, the salesman would burp in my face, they were peeing in the streets in front of everyone. I would see men doing nothing but squatting on the street chit-chatting with chai, well women were hard at work. Better yet, the fifth guy that day would cut me in line and I’d have to hold back from losing my cool. I always talk about my love/hate relationship with India and as always I fluctuate. The LAST thing I wanted was an patience-testing little Indian man who hadn’t figured out his plurals to yell at me at 5 a.m. (now, I will say at least he can speak English- I can allow speak a few words of Hindi).

Our yoga teacher was as funny as he was annoying.

“point your feeeeeeeets”

“suck it in .. your belllllllly”

As he grabs my wrists to pull them tighter behind me to a position that is killing my arms, I almost want to walk out of class.

meme ashram yoga

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips location was IDEAL with a nice courtyard that was empty and prime spot on the river

ashram beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

It’s not your typical yoga, but it was repeated positions, over and over and over and over… holding them for 3 minutes at a time, then repeat. Throught two hours, we would have done maybe six moves. Then it was hand stand time. I did get damn good at those in Pushkar. On the website the yoga style is called “similar to Bihar School of Yoga” with asanas and pranayama. Now sure what that is, but we didn’t do any warm up or sun salutations here. I have to say, the yoga was strange and very advanced. I do pranayamas at yoga now, which I love, and it wasn’t like this class, so not sure what it’s all about.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, the ashram experience was okay for a couple days, and is good for those on a budget. If I go back, I will try somewhere else, unless of course I become more broke than I was then, in which case I’ll be right back here.

Whether you pick this ashram or another, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

meme ashram yoga

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33 responses to “Stay at an Ashram in Rishikesh, the Birthplace of Yoga”

  1. Considering this yoga session, our yoga teachers in the TTC we did were fabulous? Leave alone touching the students, they never encouraged going beyond 70% of your ability to ensure you were injury free.

    Ashram looks nice but somehow whenver we get to rishikesh it is always too crowded

  2. Hahaha I can totally picture the teacher “suck it in..your belllly” :D
    Even if it was not perfect like in movies, you did it!

    I hope I will have the chance to try it as well. * Saving money for trip to India* :)

    Cheers from Sweden!
    Myriam @OffToWanderland recently posted…Arbois : Wine capital of Jura – France

  3. Reno says:

    Haha, I imagine the belly query. :D May I ask what are your plans after India? If traveling, which direction?
    Reno recently posted…In and out of Kastoria

  4. Justine says:

    I’m semi-new here so I’m fascinated with your experiences with Indian men. What’s up with men peeing in public places? I’m in Colombia and I’ve seen more men peeing on the beach or in the street, and they’re totally unconcerned with the idea that everyone can see. It’s kind of hilarious!
    Justine recently posted…Traveling on a Budget: 5 Free Things to do in Bogotá

  5. Yara Coelho says:

    Experiences with India men…. oh well, we could write a whole book about that, isn’t it?

    I’ve heard Rishikesh was to commercial, that’s why I decided to avoid it. But I’ve stayed at Amma’s ashram and gt a hug from her, lolol
    Yara Coelho recently posted…A New York travel guide to the East Village – the birth place of punk rock

  6. Had you planned to only stay 2 nights? Or did you leave early out of frustration? lol
    Karyn @ Not Done Travelling recently posted…A Study Update

    • Rachel Jones says:

      I had only planned 2 nights as we didn’t have a lot of time, but if I had loved it I would have rearranged and stayed longer.. I didn’t love it that much lol

  7. This sounds like something I would probably not enjoy :) But I bet there are others (I’m guessing with a higher price tag) that I might be into!
    Rika | Cubicle Throwdown recently posted…5 Things I Love About Roatan

  8. Olivia @ Olivia Explores says:

    ooh looks like it was pretty intense- I’d love to go to an ashram but I think it would be a huge challenge, and I think I’d find it hard to deal with the ‘not clean’ stuff, but that’s travel really. Still, it looks like you had an incredible experience :)
    Olivia @ Olivia Explores recently posted…Top Ten Things To Do in Budapest (it IS as good as people say)

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  10. vinay says:

    have you tried phool chatti ashram? read a feed from a few US-UK backpackers and seemd Ok

  11. Zeeshan says:

    Your post is uplifting & flowing like the ganges & a bit funny too :). I look forward to my trip to Rishikesh next week. I guess, Lakshman Jhula is the ideal place to stay. Or is there any better ashram you’d suggest?

  12. Marco says:

    Ha ha, I can’t believe you stayed in that place, you are really a hard core backpacker or I’m way too spoiled but when I took a look at their rooms some time ago I just said to myself, “no way!” Maybe I should try it once, just to practice some tapas :-)

  13. CHITS says:


  14. Vivek Yogi says:

    Namaste Rachel,
    I am Vivek from Rishikesh. I belong to Ved Niketan Ashram and I grew up in this ashram with Yogic life. I have been worked with Army School, Park Hyatt, Goa and now working with Raffles, Seychelles. I am a Yog teacher as well as an Aesthitician. Rachel I am happy that you are living in India from a long time. As your posts mostly show the bad image about India, I think there is also a very positive concern about this country which is not available anywhere in this world and all the aspirants who are tired from their stressful life get relax after coming on this holy city Rishikesh. Please do not take me wrong and whatever you posted about specially Indian men that’s 100% true but there are a lot of great personalities who were born on this land. And I think it happens everywhere that the women are harassed by men and I think this percentage is more in Western countries. I really d’nt wanna argue but I wanna suggest you if you love India and its culture so please see towards its greatness which I think you also did not feel anywhere. Namaste.
    Kind regards;
    Vivek Yogi

    • Rachel Jones says:

      90% of my almost 400 posts are positive about India, so clearly you haven’t spent any time on my blog. This blog promotes India in a huge way and many girls email saying they’ve decided to come to India thanks to this website. I have been here for years and wouldn’t be if I didn’t like it. You don’t want to argue you say, but unfortunately you are ill-informed.

      • Vivek Yogi says:

        Oh Rachel!
        I’m so sorry about this misconception. I did not read all of your messages fully but I was little bit upset about other people’s comments. If it could be possible please forgive me. I really d’nt have words to say you sorry. But I am apologized. Thank you and have a beautiful time in Goa. Also thanks to promote a good environment about India here. Namaskar.

  15. alan479 says:

    I have stayed at the Ved Niketan for over a month and some of the rooms are 2x as bad as yours. I guess the monkeys have gotten out of control, so now they have the hallway fencing which is just a recent addition. I always worried about spiders in my room, India is full if them and they are big. The only other ashram that I know of that is cheaper is the one across the street from the Trayambakeshwar temple near the Laxman Jhula bridge area. The ashram is cheap because all day long until the temple closes in the evening the temples bells are always being loudly rung. The temple has bells within everywhere. The ashram rooms are not as bad as the Niketan’s but they are a little smaller, seem newer and have much fewer spiders.

  16. Shivam Yoga Dublin says:

    I have done Yoga classes there in 2010, as Yoga Teacher (22 years) and the teacher and the class was so traditional and advanced enough.
    In fact, those are good Yoga Teachers, for for sure not for any begginer as they will discribe badly about the severity of teaching.

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  18. […] Stay at an ashram. I did this in Rishikesh. It was a little touristy actually. […]

  19. Brandon says:

    Ha ha sounds like a good experience! We really need to get back to India, we missed Rishikesh last time.
    Brandon recently posted…7 reasons why all yoga teachers need a website [yoga marketing 101]

  20. Rahul says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I have stayed in Ved Niketan couple of times and must say they are quite traditional and havn’t changed over time. Just basic facilities and a very big courtyard & meditation centre which you also noted, away from crowded place like Lakshman Jhula makes it a cool place.

    All in all a quiet and affordable place.


  21. yuvraj singh says:

    Dear Rachel,
    May i know the name of yoga teacher.

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