Wacky Wagah Border: India & Pakistan [video]

The Wagah Border is the only passing between Pakistan and India, two countries that sort of want to blow each other up. Everyone said go to the border, it’s “interesting”. They put on a show everyday and open the gates for two seconds.

So we went to the “border crossing show”. We knew nothing, so I decided it would be fun to show you a video of what we saw and let you feel as shocked and confused as I did! Then after the video I’ll explain a little more about it. FYI, this was before I had a blog and quality is well, horrible but still worth a watch!


We didn’t know whether to laugh, dance, cheer, or stand there with our heads to the side like a confused dog.

First of all, when we arrived they took us to a different line and without a word checked our passports (you MUST take yours) and send us to the “foreigners” section which was quite small, but still larger than I thought it would be.

wagah border india pakistan amritsar

It was set up like a sports match. The Indian side was PACKED, while the Pakistani side was very small and males and females were separated.

wagah border india pakistan amritsar

While the guards practiced high-kicks in the background, Indian girls danced in the center to fun Indian music while the men ran up and down the isles with Indian flags. Everyone was so happy. It reminded me of a Saturday outing to a baseball game… sort of.

The guards then did their show. With similar outfits to the Pakistan soldiers, and similar high-kicks, it made me wonder if they practice together. The show was fun-loving while they held serious, mean faces. It was all fun, no tension.

wagah border india pakistan amritsar

After the gates on each side opened for just a couple seconds, they were closed again and it was all over. The crowds disappeared and we all got bags of popcorn on the way out, asking each other, “what the hell just happened?”

It was fun and I would go again. I did expect it to be more dangerous and exciting, rather than fun and suitable for four year olds, but the surprise of the show kind of turned me into a child again!

It was as strange as seeing snipers standing on a Gandhi sign…

wagah border india pakistan amritsar

Practical Information: 

  • The border crossing is 30 km from Amritsar’s Golden Temple. I came here on a day trip from McLeod Ganj because we had a day off massage class. We saw the temple first as it’s 24/7 but you should be at the border by 4 pm or earlier. Although we hired a driver, there are buses and trains you can take with ease.
  • If you want to cross the border, it must be pre-arranged.
  • There is VIP, foreign, women, and general seating. In case of busy days like holidays they may get full, but you can watch from the fence.
  • NO PURSES/NO BAGS. You must put your camera and or phone, money, and passport in your pocket. We left our purses with our driver (eek, finger’s crossed… we owed him about 5,000 rupees so assumed it was okay.) If you have nowhere, they will lock it up for you.


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13 responses to “Wacky Wagah Border: India & Pakistan [video]”

  1. […] temple is just a few kilometers from the Wagah border to Pakistan, the ONLY place you can cross along the entire border. This Punjabi region has a volatile past and […]

  2. Ok then…errrm..what? haha I had no idea but that is totally fun and unexpected. They should do that at every border. Does anyone actually ever cross the border there do you think?
    Joella J in Beijing recently posted…We’re going to Amdo and Kham: Traditional Tibet

    • Rachel Jones says:

      lol exactly… what happened!? lol and no, they don’t do it at every border, just this one. People do cross! But you need a lot of paperwork. actually, when the lines were drawn by the english, it divided farms etc and split families, so some cross often.

      • Joelle says:

        Wondering how to cross the border to Pakistan :)

        • Rachel Jones says:

          not sure, but know you have to have the permission ahead and can cross at wagah if you have the paperwork… they had a terrorist attack maybe a year ago so you might want to research that well.

          • Joelle says:

            Hi Rachel, just realise you are in Malaysia….Welcome to Malaysia!! If you are visiting KL let me know if you are keen to meet up before next Friday :)

          • Rachel Jones says:

            Oh I’ve already left! But actually didn’t get to spend time in KL. Went to langkawi for a week , was lovely!

  3. Elora says:

    Well that was certainly interesting! :)

  4. Rebekah says:

    that’s really bizarre… Does india do things like that at other borders? I guess its sort of nice that they can do something fun but still it seems strange, especially the snipers on Ghandi… this blog always makes me super curious about India
    Rebekah recently posted…Learning Mandarin

  5. Been to the border too! It was so fun :) I was all surrounded by the local school girls who asked if they could hold my hand and hug me. It was really sweet.

    And them one of the women on the security check asked for a photo when I went back to grab my water.
    [email protected]’s Travelgram recently posted…10 Stunning Castles You Should See in Eastern France

  6. […] were separated from Indians at Wagah border to Pakistan. Is this to keep us safe? So we can have better seats? Or they don’t want […]

  7. Audrey says:

    I haven’t been to this part of India so I haven’t seen the ceremony in person, but I remember the first time Sam showed me a video of it…haha, it looked awesome! I love that it’s turned into a bit of a performance and people come to watch and cheer them on from both sides.
    Audrey recently posted…The Chicago Highlights

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