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A Mini Guide to Assagao, North Goa

Hello, Jules here, the local Goa expert for Hippie In Heels. I have been living in Goa for nearly 6 years now and have spent a lot of time exploring all there is to see and do. If you haven't had the chance to visit Assagao, below are all the reasons why that needs to

A Cool Staycation in North Goa, Jamboree Creek

Looking for a new place to stay in Goa? Our local Goa expert, Jules, recently stayed at the very cool and very tropical Jamboree Creek in North Goa, Mandrem. Here’s what to expect if you want to stay!  Jules has started this Staycation Series to bring some love to businesses around the state. She’ll be

Galgibaga: A Guide to the Most Peaceful Beach in Goa

Even once you've decided where to stay in Goa and that you'd prefer the more relaxing south over north, there are still quite a lot of beaches to choose from! With the help of our local expert, Jules, we're going to look at the best ones to visit. Here we have this little guide to

The Top 12 Sunset Spots in North Goa

Hello, this is Jules here, the local expert for Goa. Here to help you find that perfect sunset spot! I have been living in Goa now for over 5 years and would definitely class myself as a qualified sunset chaser! I have spent most of my time living a 3 minute walk away from the

What to do with your Friday, Saturday & Sunday Night in North Goa!

Hello, Jules here, the local Goa expert for Hippie In Heels. Most people find themselves in Goa over the weekend, so if you are unsure of where you should be spending your evenings, here is a little guide for you. I have been living in Goa for 5.5 years now and the nightlife has most

Top 5 Swimming Pools in Goa

Are you taking a trip to Goa, but not much of a sea swimmer? Do you prefer a calm pool to the salty sea? Our local Goa expert Jules, has a list of swimming pools you should be sure to take a dip in.  As I am sure you are very much aware, Goa is

A Quick Guide to Calangute, North Goa

Heading to Calangute in North Goa? Our local Goa expert has written a quick guide full of tips to help with your stay.  I, Jules, would say Calangute is like the London of England or the New York of America. And yes when you actually get to Calangute you may disagree due to what you

Goa Beaches Explained – Which Beach is Best For You?

Heading to Goa to lie on one of its glorious beaches? Our local Goa expert, Jules, is here to give you an idea of which beach is best for you.  Goa is a state with a coastline of beautiful beaches running all the way from top to bottom. It is famous for them and it