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I have been told I’m a contradiction (my bf calls me the hippie barbie). I love to put on a full face of makeup and a new dress for a club just as much as I love to spend a week love-drunk on a beach forgetting what a hairbrush is. Some of my friends think I’m a girly-girl and some think I’m a dirty hippie. I’m a little of both, hence the name of my blog. I call this a glamorous travel blog because I like luxury, but don’t need to be in a 5 star hotel- I enjoy girly beach shacks with a hammock and cozy homestays where the owners make local food for dinner.

I love fashion, jewelry, coffee, reading, the Real Housewives of almost everywhere (I’m a writer for Bravo TV’s travel section of their website), and my pup Huckleberry Finn (edit, my pup passed away this year… but I love him too much to erase this. I now have two new dogs and a cat: Shanti, Omni, and KitKat).

I think I’m becoming what people call a “foodie” to be nice, but really I just eat a lot.

If I were two people mixed together it would be Liz Lemon (30 Rock) and Monica Geller (Friends). Does that make me a nerdy, socially-awkward, clean freak? I don’t think so… but people have frequently made these comparisons, so it’s worth mentioning as a warning.

Not all those who wander are lost (JRR Tolkien) is another one of my favorite quotes, and although I’m not lost in life… if you see me wandering down a road I probably am lost. I have been known to not know which country I was in on a couple occasions… don’t get on a ferry drunk, my friends.


Now I’m living in Goa, for the past 3 years, learning what being an expat is all about as well as continuing my travels all around the world. Some of my favorite places have been Hawaii, Jordan, Turkey, and Sri Lanka. I’ve now been to 30 countries and counting!

I come home to see family and friends every “monsoon” season in Goa for a month in July. We usually take family vacations and I’ve written about our trips to Toronto, Hocking Hills, Vegas and Nashville.

I am sharing my stories to inspire other girls (and boys) that you can quit your job, travel, and look cute doing it. You don’t have to be rich (but you do need some money folks!), you don’t have to be with your friends, and we are only getting older… There’s always going to be an excuse not to travel, and it’d be a shame to keep waiting just for it to never happen.



Get to know me better

Below are some posts about how I ended up living in India after quitting my job in the U.S. which is what a lot of people e-mail asking about, plus a few posts to get to know me better.

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meme drop out of school to travel


Travel Resources

When it comes to booking flights and rooms, I use a variety of sites. For full details see my Travel Resources.

I have a discount code: you can get $35  off your stay if you use this airbnb link to book.


meme drop out of school to travel