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New Here?

If it’s your first time visiting Hippie in Heels, I’m linking below a few posts that I think are a great place to start reading. I write a lot about travel beauty products, packing, health, some of the more off the beaten track places I’ve been, and the dumb predicaments I’ve found myself in while traveling abroad.

That Time I Called my Couchsurfing Host from Jail…

Survive Dengue Fever Symptoms Like A Boss

On Money:
 9 Tips for Saving Money toward Travel & 14 Ways to Earn Money Abroad & 12 Ways to Travel the World for Free & 13 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

On Health:
11 Ways to Stay Healthy Without Sacrificing Experience & 10 Tips for Not Gaining Weight While you Travel

That Time I was Head-butted by a Cow

Hippie in Heels

A Year in Review:

Top 10 Backpacking Europe Experiences

9 Things You Need in Your Beach Bag





I write about India, obviously. I have lived here for two years and have over 200 posts on this site, most about India. These are a great place to start if you’re just thinking of planning a trip to India:

My India Travel Bucket List

Ultimate Guide to India: All the FAQ Answered

My Guide: the Best Itinerary for India

When to Travel to India

Everything You Need to Know

Your Backpacking India Budget

20 USD per day

Love Hate Relationship With India

Backpacking India Alone

Do’s and Don’ts of How to Dress in India

14 Tips for Solo Female Travel

Traveling India Alone is Hard: Here’s a Pep Talk

50 things to do in Goa

10 Common Mistakes Everyone who Travels to India Makes

Step by Step: How to Apply for a Tourist Visa

WARNING: 20 Common Tourist Scams in India

10 Safety Tips for Train and Bus Travel in India

15 Tips for Eating Street Food in India & Not Getting Sick

10 Tips for FIRST time travel to India

A Complete Guide to Karnataka (with links to dozens of articles I’ve written on the state… a really overlooked amazing tourist destination)

How to Rent a House in Goa: Tips & Prices

Two Months in India Itinerary & Experiences




Blog Series on Hippie in Heels

I do a series called International Boho-Chic Designers, where I share some of the coolest designers, artists, and models I meet abroad. I shop a lot when I travel, and I had so many friends back home asking me where I get my clothes and jewelry. Most of it is from local designers. I let you in on the shops I find and how you can purchase online from them too and sometimes there’s even a giveaway if I can talk the designer into it ;)

Another series is called This is India. Each Friday I post a story about something crazy/silly/funny that happens here in India. Although most my posts outside this series about India are informative, these are more to help you picture what it’s like living here and prepare you for culture shock before a visit.

Feel free to check out my Ask Me Anything posts. I share FAQ I get via e-mail and let you know the answer I give the readers who mailed in.

Lastly, I have a series on Sundays called Backpackers Boutique.

  • Interviews with other bloggers about what specifics they pack- what brand bag, what hair products, or how many pairs of shoes… (I’m no longer taking more of these)
  • Luxury guides from expats who know the area very well. If you’re a blogger and you’d like to share a place you know well, e-mail me at rachel@hippie-inheels.com

Don’t forget to check out my most popular posts on the column to the right or you can search by category at the top. Thanks for stopping by Hippie in Heels! Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.