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Monet Sommers is a full-time travel & lifestyle blogger and professional photographer. Originally from the USA, Monet received the opportunity to move to Germany in 2016. Since, her site has evolved into a space of travel guides, hotel insight, beautiful imagery, and inspiring content. From camping in freezing temperatures in the Alps to finding the trendiest, boutique hotels in Europe, Monet’s site focuses on unique life & travel experiences.

Top 10 Travel Tips for Visiting Marrakech

There are 10 travel tips every person needs to know before visiting Marrakech, Morocco. To avoid being disappointed, getting sick, or being taking advantage of follow these top recommendations and tips.  Although I went to Marrakech without knowing all of this; our trip would have gone a bit smoother if we had done the research.

Sailing the Greek Islands on a Yacht: Paros to Ios

Picking which Greek Island to visit when planning a holiday in Greece can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful islands to choose from, where would you even start? Should you pick the well-known Greek islands or the more secluded, less touristy islands? Well, why not try sailing the greek islands so you can hit

5 Reasons Why You Should Sail the Greek Islands with Yacht Getaways

The Greek Islands have always topped my list on places to see. Finally, this year I checked them off my bucket list. Sailing with Yacht Getaways was such an incredible and convenient way to travel through the Greek Islands without the stress of booking multiple ferries and hotels. If you're looking for a way to

Top 5 Reasons to Make a Stopover in Iceland

Making a stopover in Iceland has been of my best travel decisions of 2017 thus far.  Yes, I know, Iceland is such a “trendy” place to go to these days, but it’s for good reason.  Between the Icelandic ponies, waterfalls, Northern Lights, the gorgeous Golden Circle, and scenery that I didn’t even know existed on

4 Reasons to Visit the Amalfi Coast in the Off-Season

Visiting Southern Italy, more specifically the Amalfi Coast, during the winter is an entirely different experience. I am going to explain why you should visit the Amalfi Coast in the off-season instead of peak tourist season - there are a number of reasons that this is ideal! Why You Should Visit the Amalfi Coast in