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Sophie Nadeau has just finished her studies and is currently based in the UK. Now a full-time blogger, she's a lover of all things France related (especially the Châteaux and ALL of the pastries). When she's not running after her next sunset picture, she can be found typing away on her blog.

10 Things to See and Do in Luxembourg!

Luxembourg is a beautiful blend of old meets new. Quirky meets curious and vintage meets modern in this central European country. If you're visiting for the first time (or even the hundredth), here are the ten very best things to see and do in Luxembourg: Things to See and Do In Luxembourg City: See the

8 Things to Know and Tips for First Time Visitors to Luxembourg.

Right in the middle of Europe, you'll find the beautiful country of Luxembourg. A landlocked country, it's full of forests, fairytale castles, and jagged gorges. The capital of the country is also called Luxembourg and is situated to the South of the Country. Here are 8 things to know and tips for first time visitors to

7 Offbeat London Destinations You Won’t Want to Miss!

Think that London just consists of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace? Think again! The city is absolutely full of hidden gems and offbeat London destinations you won’t want to miss on any trip to the Big Smoke. You just need to know where to look. After all, once you’ve wandered along