For all your budget travelers, that can’t do much shopping: if you were to ask me what is the NUMBER ONE thing to buy while traveling in India- I would say traditional Rajasthani wall hangings. I’ve told you about my time spent in Rajasthan: Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, and Jaipur and I saw SO many variations of wall hangings.

Indian wall hangings are my favorite piece of decoration. I looked for over 4 weeks at hundreds until I found the one I fell in love with and I’m so excited to buy another one for my friend, Arielle.

The one I ended up with has three huge beaded elephants in all pink and champagne colors, but many others are patchwork and bright turquoises, oranges, and yellows. Here’s the one I got below. I’ll tweet you guys a photo once I hang it up at our villa.

rajasthan wall hangings

rajasthan wall hangingszooming in for some detail… incredible!

rajasthan wall hangings

The cost of these varies from 1,500-2,000 rupees for a less detailed one, to maybe even 20,000 for a hand- beaded one with great material and more intricate elements. I bargained mine from 35,000 to 3,500! What! Yes, that’s real- not a typo. But just FYI, that was the most outrageous starting price. Use your common sense.

You will see gorgeous ones at the fort in Jaisalmer. The prices here are just OUTRAGEOUS. Unless it’s one you can’t live without, try shopping in the little lanes.

For more shopping info check out the post on the Anjuna Flea Market. Know that the ones in Goa are often shipping from Rajasthan and sold in India still because they don’t pass the quality tests to be exported (think of it as shopping at Gabriel Brothers- if you’ve heard of that). There are others that aren’t Rajasthani at all and are knock-offs. Regardless, you’ll know they were made in India and can be great souvenirs of your time spent traveling.

So, I’ve finished up sharing most of my tips with you on Rajasthan. I am going to be starting telling you about my time in the mountains! Get ready, next up is our stop-over in Delhi, where I had the absolute WORST time.

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