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Insiders Guide to Goa Ebook

I have written a book (Insider’s Guide to Goa) which took months and months of work so that I could get every single detail about Goa all in one place. Guide books like Lonely Planet and online listicles are very objective, outdated, and strip down Goa into a few top locations. They often miss the true gems and the real local feel of Goa. I wanted this book to give you EVERYTHING that’s great about Goa and make sure that you have a kickass time here.

This is the most comprehensive book about Goa out there. I’ve put five years of living in Goa into this detailed and organized guide book, written so that you can see the Goa I do and love it just the same.

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What’s inside the 169 page Goa India Guide:

I have organized this by chapters to help you plan your trip with ease and I wrote it like I am telling my best friend about where to go and what to do.

Before you come to Goa: Chapters on the following: flights, visa, seasons, monsoon, safety, culture, budget, health, packing, and more

Getting around Goa: Arrival at the airport, train or bus + how to get around with taxis, scooters, car rentals

What to do in Goa: Cool adventure activities and tourist things you’ll want to check off your list! This chapter has all the “must do’s”

Goa by Beach, Jungle, and City: This is the real guide! I did a chapter for EVERY beach city and town with intro, where to stay, health & spa, what to do, yoga classes, where to eat, and more

Volunteering in Goa

Kid-friendly Goa

My Hippie in Heel’s map & secret tips just for you!

You can click this link to buy the book right now! The book is in PDF format so you can look at it on your PC, tablet, phone, and Kindle. If you join my Facebook group, you get 30% off the book! The discount code is in the pinned post.

I’m selling through through Gumroad, which is a 100% secure site so that my site does not have any of your credit card information. You can also elect to pay via PayPal. Gumroad will send you an email as soon as you purchase the book with a download link. You simply download it and the book will be on your computer! Easy peasy.

For UK and Europe there is VAT. You will see the tax fess when you check out. I think in USA and India there are not taxes.

Extra Condensed Version

I have two copies and a download link to each will be immediately emailed to you. One copy is the original ebook at 30 MB. Then I added in a 3 MB version in case you want a condensed version to put on your phone while you travel. The 3 MB will have pixelated images and is not the book (it’s just extra for if you want to save space).

People are loving The Insiders Guide to Goa so far!

“Whether you’re a backpacker or luxury traveler, this is the book you need to get the most from your Goa vacation. Goa is a long stretch of coastline with diverse destinations. Without the right information, it’s easy to end up at a place that’s unsuitable for you, or miss out on the best that Goa has to offer you. Rachel shares all her invaluable, and hip, local knowledge in this comprehensive book. I write about India travel for a living and have been to Goa numerous times. Not only are Rachel’s recommendations insightful and spot on, she covers many things that even I didn’t know about.” — Sharell Cook, India Travel Expert for Tripsavvy (formerly India Travel).


“It’s honestly such a helpful book. Everyone who visits Goa needs to read this book and I am so grateful for the open advice Rachel gives to her favorite places in Goa – I get to see Goa like a local, now, too!” – Anna R., Graphic Designer


“I have been waiting for this book for years! I visit Goa every season for a two week holiday and the last couple years, whenever I have questions about Goa, I email Rachel and ask her for tips before my trips. She’s always staying up to date on what’s changed each season. It doesn’t take long reading this book to see that she really poured her heart into it – and she doesn’t hold back, she really tells all the places she loves to go so that you know the “secret” Goa. I like that it’s not just about partying and beaches but that it talks about the cool artistic stuff going on in Goa and how to see the jungles, too.” -Michelle C., Marketing


“Although I’ve never been to Goa, after reading Rachel’s ebook, I know now that I need to go. This book is the kind of travel guide that would incite wanderlust in just about anyone. Rachel obviously knows her stuff and she describes Goa like a vast, lush wonderland. If you’re looking to find a new place to explore or go back to somewhere you’ve been before and see it in a new light, this e-book is perfect for you! I loved it!” Tess M., Travel Writer