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  • I met Ben six years ago in a bar in India when he dropped a (very girly) drink on my foot. We’ve been having adventures around the world for six years and last month we got engaged! 💍 🍾 I wrote a post about it on the blog if you wanna know the details (just go to IG stories and swipe up). I love these random pictures of us. He hates his picture taken so we don’t have many and in most we are either wearing helmets (cuz we love some gokarting) or are a little tipsy lol 😝
#engaged #enagagementring #bestfriends #adventurers #bluenile @bluenilediamond #merida #goa #justengaged
  • Flower market, India 🇮🇳 #goa #mapusa #india
  • Back to the warmth. This is actually from Sam Blas and I am in Mexico but either way, I am warm! 😆 Catching up on work a bit since so much travel but have some fun stuff coming up on the blog that I can’t wait to share!
  • NYC nights 🌟 The #tpgawards were incredible last night. I hope you saw my stories! @briankelly did an amazing job and was happy to see so much money donated to great charities. The event was gorgeous as well at the Intrepid Air & Space museum. @beberexha performed! I needed a black tie attire dress for winter weather which I just didn’t have so I used @trvlporter - a company that sends outfits to your hotel to rent during a trip. What an awesome concept! I loved my dress and that I didn’t have to go buy one I’d only wear once. This shot is with the coolest chick @jetsetchristina taken by her partner @kennyflowers_. Had a blast last night! Grabbing a half a dozen bagels to take back to Mexico ✈️ and off I go! It’s been awesome NYC!
  • Oh hey, NYC! So happy to be in then city even for a short time to attend @thepointsguy first ever awards show. They’re calling it the “Oscars of Travel” with awards for the best airline and such. The amazing @beberexha is performing later & I’m loving meeting up with so many other travel blogging friends. Follow along on my stories!
#tpgawards #nyc thanks for the coat @bookonin 💋 and the gorg hotel room @hiltonhonors
  • Looking for those perfect souvenirs 🌟 🇮🇳 #goa #india #treasureseeker