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  • Everywhere I travel, I take inspiration from their style of building and decor for what I want my future house to look like. This pool is kind of like the ones in Goa, Bali, and here in Merida but every place calls the Material something different. Here in Merida it’s chukkum and it somehow makes the water seem more clear and beautiful! Please let me have a pool even 1/10 of this nice in my future home lol 😂
  • Happy Sunday! I hope you are all hanging with family and friends and relaxing today doing something you love! 💕 Bens our of town and I’m having a movie marathon with the dogs and working on new blog posts - which luckily I love doing! I have been thinking about writing a short ebook with my top tips for starting a travel blog, growing your numbers, and working with brands. Not sure if it’s something you guys would be interested in? Let me know if so!
  • 🌴 🌊 Moving from India seems like so long ago now - it’s been six months! I miss it all the time but there was a moment when I didn’t feel that excited to travel. I had been so many places in Asia and felt tired of seeing “same same but different”. This Panama trip was such a breath of fresh air - a reminder how much I love to explore new places like these 💕  I’m excited to travel to more countries in Central America, finally get to South America and of course explore more of Mexico! Ben is off to Austria this week to see his family, so I’m here on my own with the pets and am taking the week to go explore Merida markets and restaurants more. Although we love it here, I miss India all the time and sometimes feel an actually ache for it. Ben says we will look back and say it was the best days of our lives and he’s probably right! Back there in Jan to visit friends and my new godson I haven’t met yet as well as spend some time in a state I haven’t visit yet 😊
  • Jungle girl 🌴 🥥 #panama @saboskirt #junglevibes
  • Having a great laid back weekend of mostly the pool, binge watching Julia Roberts new TV show Homecoming, Ben cooking bbq, and a few 🍻🍹
  • My happy place is really pretty simple: beach + dogs 🐕 🐶 Living in Goa meant that there were dozens of dogs to give love to every day... not really Street dogs because they had homes but they lived outside freely. Just outside my house there were several that came in and out, ate our food, napped on the couch and played for years with the names we made up for them (I miss them like puppy, question mark, snowy, Elvis!) and living in Goa completely turned me dog crazy. I even like cats now!? Here in Merida, there are some strays but hardly any where we live. My dogs are pretty happy about that since they can go for walks without getting into fights, but I do miss being surrounded by dogs all the time! This was in Panama where a beach we stayed at had two cute pups I called Boca and Chica and they were as obsessed with me as I was with them lol 😝