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  • I have been loving the emails from people who are using my guides to plan their Panama trips! So awesome 👏I’m now starting to think about a little weekend getaway for the end of Jan to Mexico City or San Cristobal. Which of those would you guys recommend to visit first!?
  • Throwback to #Chefchaouen 💙 Loved traveling Morocco with my little @studiotia
  • All smiles. I love going to new places - it’s such a magical feeling that takes me back to the very first time I traveled. But I also love returning to places. That is a whole different feeling, almost like coming back to a place that feels like home that you are comfortable it. Second trips always allow for even more exploring since you’ve already done the touristy stuff. Rajasthan is a place like that for me. I could go back every year and feel just as happy each time! Do you have a place like that?
  • Starting to plot my return to India and more specifically, this spot and that drink! 🍍 🍓Can’t wait to go back and see my girlfriends  @Stu diotia @lavieandme & baby ava @quatrain_ @saffron_wiehl @nazarethtravelling and new baby Zyon!
My 2019 calendar is already crazy (especially with my wedding added in) 🗓What do your 2019 plans look like!?
  • Drone images from the sailboat in #SanBlas #GunaYala with @sta_sailingtripadventures. How amazing is this water!? 💦Absolute paradise and the best place I visited in 2018, or maybe ever!
  • It’s hard to believe I first went to London 10 years ago. On the plane over, I was so excited hearing the English accent. It was my first time going abroad.
I went with my friend Amanda from nursing school. We’d both saved up nearly $3,000. I told my parents she’d be with me the whole time but while I was gone my mom find out Amanda was actually coming back to the US before me and I was staying on my own. She wasn’t impressed 😂We couchsurfed, hitch-hiked, lived off salad and pasta we’d buy and cook in our couchsurfing home or hostel. In Rome, we just peeked through to see the Colosseum since it was too expensive to go in.This was the time of Internet cafes, no smart phones, and actually carrying a thick book around with the Eurail time tables on it so we knew what trains to take and when to switch in the middle of the night! How things have changed haha 😆We spent so much time being lost - google maps is a lifesaver!
The next summer, another friend and I went back to Europe, this time to the East. I still remember her saying while look at her iPhone “my dad said it has something called WiFi and it’s free ...” we never did figure out what is was and how to connect it haha! I actually didn’t get a smart phone until my senior year of college in 2011 🙈 Technology has changed travel so much and I think made it less scary/daunting for people which is awesome. I’m really glad I went without all the tech, too - looking back, it was just a completely different type of trip than anything I’ll probably ever do again.
Over the years, I’ve revisited a lot of places in Europe that I first went to as a backpacker. I love going back and seeing things a second time (older and smarter lol). Are there any places you went as a broke backpacker you want to revisit?