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  • The cutest little nook in Mexico City 📚 This is an area of town called Jardines Pedregal and we’re told that back in the day, Diego Rivera and his pal famous architect Luis Barragan decided to turn this area of volcanic land into a great place to live. Part of visiting Mexico City is seeing Barragan architecture. This is a restaurant next to one house you can tour (but you need to book weeks in advance to tour the homes he’s built - while this restaurant you can just go in). I recommend going for brunch. The skylight coming in is gorgeous with the books all over every wall and floors made of glass sitting on volcanic rock. It used to be horse stables before he renovated in his style! There is also a shop with gorgeous ceramics. I bought a colorful wahaca set that I love! Definitely a cool place to add to your itinerary!
  • Shopping in the main souvenir market in Mexico City. To be honest, I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t see a lot I wanted compared to say Marrakech or Jaipur and prices were high, set for tourists. We went to several other markets after this which I’ll write about in my blog post that had more unique items and I did do a little shopping! But this was the most beautiful and colorful market for sure! #mexicocity #mexico #markets
  • Every article I read about #mexicocity said you have to try the churros at @churreriaelmoro .. they didn’t disappoint but you must swipe and see the other photos .. the ice cream sandwich churros were the ultimate dessert! We might have stopped in here more than once 😉 #churros
  • A little afternoon pick me up coffee looking out at the Palacio de Bella Artes in #mexiocity. If you go over the the Sears across the street and up to their 8th floor @df_cafedelagranciudad you can look straight across and down to the park below. It’s a beautiful spot! The palace is a cultural center that has operas, theater, music, and fun things like that. It’s all located in the historic center! We went here after a day of shopping in the markets nearby.
  • We set our alarms early to get here for sunrise. When we got in the Uber and he saw we were headed to #teotihuacan he told us no way it’s too early! Didn’t we know it doesn’t open until 9!? So we got out and went right back to bed to do this again a couple hours later. Online it says it opens at 9 technically but some days could open early. Lucky for us when we got there at 9, that really was the opening time for that day but they told us sometimes they will open at 7 (depending on who’s working). Sunrise or not, they were beautiful #Aztec ruins and it’s something not to miss when you visit #mexicocity
  • Swipe for some colorful Mexico City! Last week I explored from my base in Roma, museum hopped, ate all the tacos, made salsa, shopped til we dropped, and so much more. It was my first time in #mexicocity and I know I’ll be back. For one, I underestimated how huge it is! But I also just loved the vibe and and happy it’s just a quick flight away.