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  • Always happy to be back in the jungle. I have done many safaris in India over the years but nothing like Badhavgarh. Tigers, elephants, monkeys, gazelle, you name it .. beautiful. The 5 hours on safari with @samode_hotels flies by!
  • After such a long journey to India from Mexico there was nothing better than getting into a bubble bath @samode_hotels looking out at the jungle 🌴 🐒
  • A few days of safari in Madhya Pradesh is just what my India loving soul needed! I can’t tell you how surreal it is to come back to India (on safari no less) after ten months away. Since 2012, I hadn’t spent more than a month or so away from India at a time. It was like coming home and then tigers to boot!?! Paradise. I met my friend from Goa, Priyanka, at @samode_hotels after a hellishly long flight over and we relaxed in pure luxury that Samode is known for. We saw three tigers on our first safari. I’m no wildlife photographer but do love this shot of a tiger we watched drink water for 10 min or so. Thank you India for the welcome home! 🐅 🇮🇳
  • Throwback to some desert tiger print in Morocco 🐯After 10 months away from India, I’m going back in two days. First matter of business: a safari! Finally hoping to see my favorite animal in the wild. In the 5+ years I was in India I did more safaris to count yet never saw one. Fingers crossed this will be the time! Also can’t wait to get back to Goa #motherindia #goagirls
  • Throwback to shopping in Morocco. I love to travel alone but nothing beats a girls trip. I went with @studiotia and we have the best two weeks. We’ve done big trips in Bali and Rajasthan too! I guess it’s time to plan another. What destinations do you think are best for girls getaways? #moroccotravel
  • Beach days in Merida with my adorable little “hippie in heels” @poolsidebags bag. Thanks for taking my pic @alexinwanderland 💋