Top 5 Swimming Pools in Goa

Are you taking a trip to Goa, but not much of a sea swimmer? Do you prefer a calm pool to the salty sea? Our local Goa expert Jules, has a list of swimming pools you should be sure to take a dip in.  As I am sure you are very much aware, Goa is

A Quick Guide to Calangute, North Goa

Heading to Calangute in North Goa? Our local Goa expert has written a quick guide full of tips to help with your stay.  I, Jules, would say Calangute is like the London of England or the New York of America. And yes when you actually get to Calangute you may disagree due to what you

Goa Beaches Explained – Which Beach is Best For You?

Heading to Goa to lie on one of its glorious beaches? Our local Goa expert, Jules, is here to give you an idea of which beach is best for you.  Goa is a state with a coastline of beautiful beaches running all the way from top to bottom. It is famous for them and it

The Goa Collective Bazaar – Goa’s Best Friday Market

Will you be in North Goa on a Friday night in high season? Our local Goan expert, Jules, is here to tell why you need to check out The Goa Collective Bazaar. Hello, Jules here to give you a little update on the best market around town - The Goa Collective Bazaar. I have been

The Most Stylish Boutiques & Designers in Goa

The shopping scene here is different to the rest of India. While, yes, you can find the typical goodies like elephant trousers, incense, and wall hangings, there are so many more cool, independent boutiques and designers in Goa getting their start! After all, while you can get those baggy, colorful elephant pants, how often can you

A Cool Staycation at Olaulim Backyards

Looking for a cute place to stay in Goa? Our local Goa expert, Jules, recently stayed at the very cool Olaulim Backyards in North Goa. Here’s what to expect if you want to stay.  And in case you missed it, don’t forget to read about the first and second staycation at the very unique and cute Wigwam

Places in Old Goa to See Portugal’s Influence

Curious about which places in Old Goa to visit and if you should even include it in your India itinerary? Check out this complete guide, written by Jules, our local Goan expert! For more on planning your trip, don't miss our Insider Guide to Goa and the Hippie in Heels Guide to India. Old Goa, also known

A Guide to Morjim Beach in North Goa

Heading to Morjim Beach in North Goa? Our local Goan expert, Jules, is here to give you all the details! Morjim is the first of the furthest North Goa beaches after you cross Siolim Bridge (my favorite bridge in Goa because of the amazing views on either side). This section of North Goa's coastline begins