Top 10 Travel Tips for Visiting Marrakech

There are 10 travel tips every person needs to know before visiting Marrakech, Morocco. To avoid being disappointed, getting sick, or being taking advantage of follow these top recommendations and tips.  Although I went to Marrakech without knowing all of this; our trip would have gone a bit smoother if we had done the research.

The Best Restaurants in Pretoria, South Africa (markets, too!)

Pretoria has been my home for the last 13 years. As someone who loves food, I’ve eaten a whole lot of meals around the city. Because sharing is caring, below is my top choices for delicious food and where the find the best restaurants in Pretoria, South Africa. Best Restaurants in Pretoria For Indian cuisine:

My Pinterest Dreams Came True in Chefchaouen

I had "pinned" this all blue town on Pinterest several times over the years. I didn't even know the name. When I looked up places to visit in Morocco, I saw on the Free People blog that visiting the all blue town was a must: Chefchaouen. I realized it was the same place I always wanted to

Shopping in Morocco | What to Buy in Morocco and How Much to Pay

I won't lie, the thing I was most excited to do on my last trip? Shopping in Morocco. If you can't tell, I enjoy shopping and have gone on some of the most amazing shopping tours in India. Before I went I hadn't researched what to buy in Morocco and how much to pay. It

Get the Moroccan Desert Experience Without the 10 Hour Ride to the Sahara

The Scarabeo (Stone) Camp in Marakesh was a stunning and unforgettable experience that I highly recommend. While most people, even solo female travelers, can do tours to the Moroccan Desert, we didn't have time if we wanted to relax. Here's a look at what Scarabeo Camp Marrakesh can offer and why it's proximity is so

My Girly Guide to 5 Days in Marrakech

I seriously hope you've been inspired by my Moroccan coverage and are considering a visit. I am now going to share how you can spend 5 days in Marrakech with the cutest boutique hotels, best food, entertainment, tour companies, and of course shopping hotspots. General Morocco Travel Tips How to Spend 2 Weeks in Morocco

24 Awesome Things to Do in Zanzibar & Zanzibar Itinerary Tips

Below is a guest post from Rita who has spent loads of time in Zanzibar, a beautiful region of Tanzania. I asked her to share with you guys the top things to do in Zanzibar as well as tips for getting around, her favorite hotels, and more! Why You Should Travel to Zanzibar Few places