24 Hours in Koh Samui: Perfect Mini Guidebook for One Day in Koh Samui

The following '24 hours in Koh Samui' article is a guide from a guest blogger to help you plan one day in Koh Samui without having to think about it! We love that :)  After spending our first anniversary in Phuket, Thailand, this last year for our 2nd anniversary we planned a trip to a

A Great Option For a Budget Friendly Private Tour in Phuket

The following article is from a fellow travel blogger who is sharing an awesome budget friendly private tour in Phuket she found on her travels.  I didn't know two tourists on a budget could feel so important and VIP until our private tour in Phuket. The two areas we'd visited prior, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, were

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide | Under $30 per day

(The following is a guest post from Nina Ragusa, a fellow blogger, who lived in Krabi for over a year and is sharing her budget tips.) Majestic karst mountains, idyllic islands, and shorelines for miles. It’s a magical getaway. The Krabi region, in Thailand, provides exactly this, so there’s no surprise it’s a hot spot. It’s

My Week in Bangkok for TBEX Asia 2015

I hope you guys weren't too annoyed by my # TBEX Asia 2015 coverage back in mid-October. I was at my first travel blogging conference! And yes, it's kind of as nerdy as it sounds. Before I get into details on the conference I just want to share a bit about my week in Bangkok.

Maduzi | Best Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

I was just in Bangkok for TBEX (travel blogging conference) and knew well ahead of time I was going to one. It was one of the only very planned out trips I've taken since I had to buy the conference tickets early. It gave me a lot of time to decide which hotel I wanted

Packing For the Thai Islands in a Carry-On

Well, over a year has passed and I've STILL been meaning to write about what to pack if you're going to the Thai islands. You can easily do laundry as you go so whether it's for 2 weeks or 4, this should work well. First, you need to know what bag to take. A carry-on

My 5 Favorite Cities in the World

Let’s say you’re rolling in the dough… you have so much money that you could pick random places to travel and not worry about budget. Usually I wouldn’t even consider this, but thanks to a reader’s e-mail, it’s been brought to my attention people like this exist! They don’t want to know which places are

Koh Tao’s Chilled out Diving Vibe

Before I tell you about Koh Tao, I'll share what else I've been up  too online. Couchsurfing's Tumblr posted my tips for safe couchsurfing which brought me some new readers! That was a nice surprise. This next one is a little old, but I never shared a blogger collaboration on best coffees around the world,