Sample Backpacking Eastern Europe Itinerary

After my first time to Europe and visiting only the popular cities in the West, I was dreaming of Eastern Europe the whole next year in University waiting for summer to come around. It took ages to plan my sample Eastern Europe itinerary - and I'm going to detail it all here for you now

Prague: My favorite city and not just because of Bohemian Bagel

The International Folklore Festival was taking place while we were in Prague, how lucky is that? It reminded me a lot of Krakow’s festival. Couples, men’s groups, and little kids perform dances and play instruments in traditional clothing. There were of course food stalls and vendors selling chocolates, trinkets, breads, and sausages. This was the

A Bohemian in Bohemia – Cesky Krumlov

People (ok, not a lot of people, but some, and my pinterest wishlist fits right in) have called my style “boho-chic” which I love, like a few of my fashion idols Nichole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens, so I was ecstatic to be going to what guide books described as the “last true bohemian town”. Cesky