Back to Ohio to See Family + What I Bought For Our New House

A few weeks ago, Ben and I went to Ohio to visit my family and friends. I get so excited to go home! Since 2012, it was just a visit once a year (July) since I was all the way in India. But, this year, I had to come back from India to Ohio in

My First Ohio Winter Home in Over 5 Years

A few years ago, my parents had called from Ohio to India saying they were off work again due to snow and wind-chill. It was -32 degrees; so cold our dog couldn't walk outside without her paws getting stuck in the ice and snow. So imagine my surprise when I'm on the last of four

Gervasi Vineyard & Villas Review (top winery in Ohio)

If you wanted to visit one of the top wineries in Ohio, look no further than award-winning Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio. It's won multiple awards to receive the honor and is also known to have the most luxurious villas in Ohio. I stayed with my mom for a night just recently. Here's my review

What I did (and ATE) while home in Ohio

I love going home from India. It works out that I can go home a month each summer (in Ohio), which is monsoon in Goa. There are about a million reasons why I love going home. We love Goa, but home is where my family and lots of my friends are. There’s a third “F”

Glamping in Hocking Hills Part 2: Crafts & Spa

Hocking Hills is so full of things to do, so it was really hard to pick our next activity. Horseback riding and eating enough bologna for 4 people had made me pretty tired! If you haven't, check out Glamping in Hocking Hills Part 1 to read about Happy Trails & also the amazing luxury digs

Glamping in Hocking Hills Part 1: Glenlaurel & Horseback Riding

My family, and many families in Ohio have made a few trips to Hocking Hills on vacation! The state park boasts the famous Old Man's Cave & lots of gorge waterfalls. In fact, Old Man's Cave is a very popular Pinterest pin, so I bet even if you're not from Ohio you may have seen

Mom daughter day in Dublin, Ohio

I miss a lot back home living in India and this year I missed my mom's birthday and mothers day... actually I think I've missed them (in person) for a few years, so I wanted to plan something for us to do when I was home. We went shopping at Easton, to the Spa at

9 things I can’t wait to do when I’m back in Ohio, TODAY!

I am coming back to the US! I will be in good ol' Lexington Ohio for the most part for the almost 6 weeks I'll be home. So many things were running through my head of what I want to do when I'm back, and more importantly what I want my mom to cook. When