It’s hard to imagine a better place for a romantic getaway in the USA than Savannah: the city is beautiful, the food delicious and the attractions unforgettable. Savannah brims with romantic ambiance, from the dripping Spanish moss to the dozens of choices for a place to take a quiet walk with your love. Considering escaping to Savannah with your partner? Here are some ideas for things to do in Savannah for couples.

Things To Do in Savannah for Couples

1. Dine in style.

Savannah is best experienced through its food–I’m not much of a fine dining person, but I set aside one meal to splurge on every time I am in Savannah. It’s just that good.

For pure romance, you can’t beat getting dinner at The Olde Pink House. Ask to be seated in the ballroom! For adventure lovers, consider Alligator Soul, where (depending on availability), you can try a whole range of exotic meats, including- you guessed it- alligator.

Looking for a great way to end a night out? Check out a speakeasy!

2. Stroll through the historic center.

Savannah is a place meant for walking arm-in-arm with your love, admiring the Spanish moss and 19th-century mansions as you drift by. Be sure to check out the town squares (22 of the original 24 remain), each of which makes up its own small and beautiful park.

Don’t miss taking a walk down Jones Street–often called the prettiest city in America, the Southern charm of these stately homes oozes from every brick and every shutter.

12 things to do in Savannah as a couple

12 things to do in Savannah as a couple

3. Tour the Wormsloe Plantation.

Set just 20 minutes outside of town, the Wormsloe Plantation is most famous for its incredibly dramatic, long driveway framed by expertly trimmed oak trees, complete with classic Spanish Moss. It’s a view fit for a fairy tale or a movie–and it has been featured in movies several times!

Wormsloe Plantation was originally owned by Noble Jones, one of the colonial founders of Georgia, giving you a chance to check out some of Georgia’s history while admiring the beauty of the grounds.

4. Sample the sweets.

A stop at Leopold’s Ice Cream and at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen are musts for any couple visiting Savannah.

If you’re looking for something a little exotic, check out Leopold’s Tutti Frutti flavor, which they state that they invented. Or, if you’re like my husband and me, stick with the classics: chocolate fudge and mint chocolate chip.

5. Take a ghost tour.

Savannah has fantastic ghost stories: from classic, creepy tales to documented violent deaths and even the occasional friendly ghost, you don’t have to be even a remote believer in the supernatural to enjoy a Savannah ghost tour.

If you’re looking for something a little cheesy, try taking a tour in a hearse–or, if you want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up, take an 18-and-up walking tour (the ghosts are the least creepy part of that tour–the stories leading up to the deaths are insane!). If you’d like to try a more romantic option, opt for a horse-drawn carriage.

Ghosts don’t sound romantic? Don’t worry: between the dark and the stories, you and your partner will be clinging to each other in no time.

6. Picnic in Forsyth Park.

Forsyth Park is iconic in Savannah, home to the stunning white fountain that features in many advertisements for the city. It is the perfect place to settle down with your lover for a picnic lunch (and maybe even some candy from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen for dessert!).

12 things to do in Savannah as a couple

12 things to do in Savannah as a couple

12 things to do in Savannah as a couple

7. Explore a mansion.

The historic center of Savannah is home to a number of house museums, primarily dating to the 19th century and all with their own unique stories, architecture, and level of decor–not to mention their ability to be windows into the level of opulence that was present in certain circles of the antebellum south.

I hope to make my way through all of them eventually, but the three most famous are easily the Mercer-Williams House (featured in the famous book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), The Juliette Gordon Low House (birthplace of the Girl Scouts), and the childhood home of author Flannery O’Connor.

8. Go antiquing.

Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, Savannah’s antique stores are a treasure trove worth exploring.

Definitely check out Alex Raskin Antiques: housed in one of Savannah’s mansions, this antique store is stuffed to the gills with just about anything you can imagine. Check out the furniture, the books, the paintings, and even the house itself–this is an unforgettable place on many levels.

Listen to the stairs creak as you climb them, step onto the porch on the highest floor and check out the view of Forsyth Park, and marvel over the bizarre beauty of the items around you. If you’re in the market for a unique souvenir, this is a great place to dig through.

9. Escape to the beach.

Need a break from the city?

Half an hour away from Savannah lies Tybee Island, home to a beautiful Georgia beach and the perfect place to enjoy a taste of nature near the city.

10. Browse for a unique souvenir.

Serene, peaceful Savannah shares its city with funky, offbeat Savannah: the presence the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) adds yet another level of uniqueness to the city.

If you’re looking for something beautiful (or strange!) to remember your time in Savannah by, head to their store (shopSCAD) and pick out something for yourself or your love.

11. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Is there anything more classically romantic than a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through a beautiful city? Take a ride with your love around the squares you didn’t see on foot–or have a carriage pick you up before a fancy night out on the town.

12. Experience a river cruise.

The Savannah River has been instrumental to the development of the city–and what better way to learn about it than eating dinner on a riverboat, sipping wine with your partner and watching the lights of the city come on as the sun sets?

Want to see more of the river after your cruise? During the day, the riverfront is home to beautiful shops and cafes just waiting for you to drop by.

There is a reason that Savannah is a place my husband and I can’t stop dreaming of returning to again and again: it is the perfect place to getaway. The atmosphere is dreamy and romantic all on its own. Simply drop a lovestruck pair in the city, and the magic of Savannah will take care of the rest.

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