Santorini is one of the most iconic and easily recognized islands in all of Greece. The white cliffside buildings and brilliant blue domes overlooking the Aegean create a picture-perfect paradise.  The island is so photogenic that I barely managed to put my camera down during my week-long visit!

While it is difficult to find a “bad” photo spot in Santorini, there are some locations that stand above the rest. Discover my top 5 photo locations in Santorini, and don’t forget to add them to your list of things to do in Santorini! 

Best Photo Locations in Santorini

1. Oia’s Iconic Architecture

If you visit Santorini and don’t come home with a photo of the whitewashed buildings of Oia, did you even visit Santorini at all? If you love taking photos, you will definitely want to plan (lots) of time to snap away in Oia. This town is one of the most popular for watching the sunset. In fact, crowds gather to watch it nearly every evening! Watching the sun slip into the Aegean from behind the town’s signature windmills is simply unforgettable. Be sure to grab a photo of the windmills as well as a photo looking back on the crescent-shaped island from the old Byzantine Castle ruins. 

2. The Blue Domes of Imerovigli

Can’t get enough of the stunning blue domes on Santorini? Then you will definitely want to stop by Imerovigli. Here you will find the Imerovigli Anastasi Church, the perfect place to capture the blue domes and get a few great pictures of yourself against a gorgeous backdrop. My favorite thing about this photo location is that it isn’t as crowded as Oia, so you will probably have an easier time getting a great shot! You may even have the chance to see a wedding (or at least a wedding photography shoot!). 

3. Akrotiri, Santorini’s Red Sand Beach

Part of what makes Santorini so unique is that it has red sand, black sand, and white sand beaches. I’ve seen white sand beaches in the Carribean, black sand beaches in Hawaii and Positano, Italy, but before Santorini, I had never seen a red sand beach! Akrotiri is home to Santorini’s famous red-sand beach. The contrast of the blue water with the reddish-brown sand and cliffside truly is stunning. While you are in the area, you can catch a boat to the island’s white sand beach, or check out the Pompeii-like ruins of Akrotiri. For more of my favorite things to do in Santorini, be sure to check out this post!

4. Santorini’s Volcano & Caldera

Santorini is a caldera, and the island gets its unique crescent shape because it was formed by the collapse of a volcano. If you are visiting Santorini, I highly recommend taking a volcano and hot springs day trip to go see the volcano for yourself and take a dip in the springs. If you don’t have the time to actually visit the volcano, you can get a great shot of it in Fira, one of the main towns in Santorini that all of the buses pass through. Fira is another excellent place to watch the sunset, after all, it isn’t every day you can watch the sun set from behind a volcano!

5. Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi Bay not only has a gorgeous view of Santorini, but it is also the perfect spot to do some cliff jumping, which is definitely a must-do Santorini adventure! If you can, swim out to the jumping rock with a waterproof camera/gopro, or (for those with larger budgets) dock a boat here for a pretty amazing view of Oia above and the cliffs below. You might even recognize this spot from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! 

For more great photo locations, explore the island!

While these 5 spots will definitely get you some stunning photos, the best way to find awesome photo spots in Santorini is simply by exploring the island! No matter where you turn, you are sure to find a gorgeous viewpoint, perfect beach, or beautiful backdrop nearby. I highly recommend renting an ATV so you can hop on/off easily while exploring the island. Santorini truly is a dream island, whether you love taking photographs, or a hoping for a relaxing vacation!

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Have you been to Santorini? What are some of your favorite photo spots? 

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