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When I am traveling, I always try to dress how I would when I’m “home”, not that I know where home even is! But, I try to dress normal and not like a backpacker, traveler, or tourist. I find that there are 5 simple things that I wore on all my recent trips: Ohio, Toronto, London, Vienna, Goa, and even NE India.

5 things I always pack when I travel

1. Black Leather Jacket.

I have the most amazing leather jacket I bought from a Victorias Secret catalogue about 5 or 6 years ago. It was about $150 bucks and has lasted so long. I take it on every trip. Goa gets cold at night and it’s perfect here and looks very put together but hip when in Europe or anywhere! Leather is actually really warm and I was happy to have it in College walking to class in the snow.

5 Things I Always Pack When I Travel

2. Black Leather Ankle Boots.

These looks cute with basically everything from dresses, to jeans shorts! I wear them with skinny jeans in the cold and on my last trip wore them every single day. Mine are from Lucky Brand but there are lots of cute ones. When I was at Macy’s I had a hard time choosing. I love the ones that have a more thin, destroyed looking leather.

5 Things I Always Pack When I Travel

3. Flowy, Loose Dress.

I take a flowy dress on every trip. I love the fit of a loose dress; it’s so perfect for when you’re having a “fat day” but lots of them now are still short and sexy! They go well with the ankle boots and leather jacket at night, or with just flip flops to dress it down.

5 Things I Always Pack When I Travel

4. Black Skinny Jeans.

These ones from Top Shop are a godsend. They fit perfectly and I love the high-waist. I wear these constantly and they are so thin like leggings I can wear them even in kind of warm weather. They’re also super affordable.

5 Things I Always Pack When I Travel

5. High-Waisted Jean Shorts

I wear jeans shorts most days in Goa and pair it with a crop top. I love tying a long-sleeve shirt around my waist because you know, the 90’s are in, and it covers your stomach when you don’t want to show it. I got mine for $5, no joke! It was the Urban Outfitters sale rack in Oahu on the Waikiki strip. I have a few pairs and most are from Urban. They do good recycled Levi’s but they don’t last a really long time so if you see them that cheap, buy two.

5 Things I Always Pack When I Travel

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