We decided on our trip to Morocco a little last minute. I had to squeeze it in, which means I had just under 2 weeks to enjoy the country! With this Morocco itinerary, you’ll see what I thought would be the best of what to do and see. Of course, you can’t “do” a country in two weeks but you’ll definitely see a lot from mountains to desert, cities, beaches, and tiny blue villages.

Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to Marrakesh

Things to Do Before You Spend 2 Weeks in Morocco

Flying In & Out

I suggest flying into one airport and out another. Flights here from Europe on budget airlines are so affordable that it’s not worth wasting days traveling via train to get back to your arrival airport.

For this itinerary, you’ll fly into Fes and out of Marrakesh. I used Kiwi.com because with the change in airports and wanting to search budget airlines, this was the only site that made it possible.

  • When flying budget with check-in luggage always book ahead. You sometimes can do it on the airline site and other times you need to do it on the booking site. You will get a better price paying ahead than at the counter.


Make sure you have travel insurance ahead of time. I book with World Nomads; here’s an article about how they work and why I use them.

Packing for Morocco

Make sure you read up my other articles about how to dress in Morocco and what to buy while you’re here.

all blue town on Pinterest chefchaouensilk jacket

The Perfect Morocco Itinerary for 2 Weeks

2 Days in Chefchaouen for the Blue City

This is the blue town you’ve seen all over Pinterest. It’s magical and beautiful. It’s completely unforgettable, AND it’s my favorite place in Morocco. People are chilled here. Might be to do with the huge hash industry.

Chefchaouen Travel Tipssilk jacket

When you fly into Fes you can choose to stay there and then go to Chefchaouen, but I suggest going straight up to Chefchaouen from the airport. From here on out, you’ll then just be working your way down to the ending point in Marrakesh to fly out.

You’ll be tired from the flight, so it’s good to just get it over with! Just grab a taxi for about 70 bucks each way.

Chefchaouen Travel Tipsorange silk coat

Where to Stay in Chefchaouen

I stayed in Auberge Dardara because I wanted to be a bit out of town, and they’re known for their good food. If you want to stay more centrally, try Casa Perleta or Lina Riad and Spa.

Chefchaouen Travel Tipssilk trench coat

More on Chefchaouen:

3 Days in Fes for Shopping

Fes is next. It’s known as the laid-back version of Marrakesh. I did not find that to be true. We did get better prices here on rugs and leather poufs than in Marrakesh though. If you’re coming to shop, this is the spot.

leather poufs morocco 2 week morocco itinerary

2 week morocco itinerary leather pouf

2 week morocco itinerary leather pouf

2 week morocco itinerary

You’ll want to visit the tanneries which is where leather gets made. It’s not for the faint of heart. It really smells as well.

2 week morocco itinerary fes tanneries

2 week morocco itinerary fes tanneries

2 week morocco itinerary fes tanneries

Where to Stay in Fes

The best thing about Fes was our hotel, Karawan Riad. It’s commonly listed as one of the best design hotels in the WORLD. You can read my review of Karawan Riad here and see more photos on my site, Omni Curated.

Shopping in Fes

The medina in Fes is the largest and oldest in the world, dating to the 800s. You WILL get lost. People here are more aggressive than what we found elsewhere. Do not let someone “show you the way” unless you want to pay them. If you don’t pay, it could get very bad. We told someone no, we would find our way as we are from India and knew this style of hustling. He followed us anyway and once we reached our destination they had to threaten to call police and eventually when we left (he was waiting) escort us to a taxi while PHYSICALLY holding this man back.

The NE of the medina is the coolest tannery called Chouara Tannery. Your hotel can show you on a map. Again, we encountered people trying to scam us here. You can see the tannery from above for free. If you go down the steps where they invite you as if it’s the entrance, they want money. From here there is a famous rug shop here, Chez Hamidou. You can get good deals but I found the bargaining here aggressive and almost left with nothing. It’s not like India at all where negotiating happens with a smile.

2 week morocco itinerary fes tanneries

2 week morocco itinerary fes tanneries

It is recommended by every hotel to have a guide. We were there for serious shopping so didn’t want a guide (it makes you look richer than you might be) but man would one have been helpful on many occasions.

Getting Around Fes

Taxis are VERY cheap. It was only 2 euros to get almost anywhere, though they don’t go in the medina. It is VERY worthwhile to exit via a medina gate and get a taxi to your hotel or next spot to visit in the medina rather than getting lost inside.

2 week morocco itinerary

Where to Eat in Fes

Keep in mind *NO* top restaurants in Morocco are cheap. Finding affordable, good, food is a struggle.

I recommend going to Cafe Clock for lunch and shopping in this area. It’s on the West side of the Medina. If you’re thinking that this doesn’t look great keep in mind good food is hard to find (we tried so hard) and this kind of the best you’ll get unless someone invites you into their home.

Other places to try:

  • Dar Roumana for dinner but you have to make a reservation. The fill up fast!
  • Ruined Garden for lunch It’s near Cafe Clock which I mentioned above.

Where Else to Go in Fes

Visit the Kairaouine Mosque. For sightseeing this is probably the #1 thing to do but non-Muslims cannot enter. You can just peek inside.

“Fez is still the most intact, least modernized medina in the Arab world and one of the largest car-free urban spaces on the planet, but it’s changing. Sixty years ago, the writer Paul Bowles met people here who had never seen a car. That’s not to say there were no cars in Fez, but they were in the Ville Nouvelle, the new town that sits above the ancient city, and those people had made it a point of honour not to walk out of the gates to see the newfangled contraptions. Such determination has shaped Fez, making it one of the last bastions of the medieval world.” CN Traveler

5 Days in Marrakesh for Sightseeing

Getting to Marrakesh

Take the train from Fes. It’s 7 hours and cheap. It’s VERY comfortable and totally safe in my opinion. Trains here were built by the French and are notoriously on time and clean. We went second class. It was not bad at all. A taxi will cost you a fortune.

2 week morocco itinerary moroccan trains

Compared to Fes the medina here is mall, but the city as a whole is very big. There is more “tourist” stuff to do here than Fes.

I wrote a FULL guide to 5 days in Marrakesh. For people having only 5 days, I recommended they go to the desert just for a day trip. With two weeks in Morocco I recommend that you do the desert overnight.

2 week morocco itinerary

2 week morocco itinerary

2 week morocco itinerary

Where to Stay in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is fantastic and there are SO many great hotels. I stayed at 3 and wrote reviews on all of them:

For More on Marrakesh


2 Days in the Desert for a Little Luxury Adventure

Getting to the Dessert

So you could possible get out to the Sahara, but it’s 10 hours each way so it’s a lot of driving just to stay one night. Whatever you book, arrange that the transport is in the price- it should be anyway.

Because of that, I recommend going somewhere closer to Marrkesh, not the Sahara, but still desert so that you can have the experience without getting worn out.

Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to Marrakesh

If you have more time or want to chop off Essaouria from the list, then go for the Sahara! If camels and deserts are what you are looking forward to, you could definitely consider going to the Sahara and not Essaouria.

I went to Scarabeo Desert Camp which was a boutique property and definitely a “glamping” experience. You can read my review here. They picked us up from our hotel and dropped us back.

Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to Marrakesh

2 Days in Essaouira

Getting to Essaouira

Personally, I didn’t make it here as I had just under two weeks (12 days) but if you have the extra time you can do 1 or 2 days here as they even offer day trips from Marrakesh. It’s a 2.5 hour drive with a taxi which I’d guess would cost about 35 dollars based on our other long distance journeys (Fes to Chefchaouen).

You can take the train for just 10 dollars. This is my favorite app to see what options you have: Rome2Rio. The prices listed for taxi are high though here. I checked routes I took and I got much better rates than what is listed.

Here’s a shopping guide to Essaouira.

Where to Go in Morocco if You Have More Time


It’s called the Miami of Morocco because of its Art Deco. It’s a more modern city.


Coastal town. Friends say it’s one of their favorites. It’s a melting pot here and ancient.

South coastal town

 My boyfriend used to live in the South which is were all the surfing happens. It’s a big drive and if you go down here you’ll want to stay awhile. For me, it’ll be a separate trip.


Like I said above, with 10 days you might not go all the way to the Sahara but you can still have desert experiences.

For More on Morocco

What would you put in your Morocco itinerary?

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