Looking for a cute affordable place to stay in Merida? We were, too! Airbnb in Merida is a great option. We came to Merida for two weeks and booked one hotel ahead of time for three nights when we arrived, the from there we winged it. We bounced around sometimes booking Airbnb’s the day off with the “instant book” option. I LOVED the unique boutique hotels here but loved the Airbnb’s in Merida even more. I’ll share exactly where we stayed, some that I loved but were booked up, and save you the research time.

If you sign up for a new account with Airbnb, you can use this link to get $40 off your first booking. If you already have an account, maybe your travel buddy doesn’t and you can book under their new account to save the money. I believe it’s only on bookings over $75, but they change their benefits and rules every few months.

Airbnb in Merida: Cool, Cute, Affordable Airbnb’s in Merida + Some Unique Hotel Options

Why do I love Airbnb? I love having a whole house to myself, seeing how people there live (design-wise, and just feeling more a part of local life), being able to cook something, most of them have a pool to chill at all alone in Merida, and you get a little more luxury for your dollar if you know how to look! I’ve used Airbnb in England, Ireland, USA, Mexico, India, and more! In Merida, it’s all about staying in restored colonials – nothing better!

Rates here are so affordable that you can have a whole house to yourself for cheaper than a night at a hotel, and if you are traveling with a group you can get a huge mansion for like $20/person.

1. Casa Monarca

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

This is the first Airbnb in Merida we stayed at – we booked two nights but then wanted to stay longer. Unfortunately, it was already booked up. I will definitely stay here again if I visit Merida again (which I plan to). This is owned by a couple who seem really nice and have done the BEST job restoring this old colonial house into a modern mansion. They kept so many of the original tiles and Merida style design.

This house has a bedroom upstairs with a full bath, and a second bedroom which is dettached as a guest room in the back, also with a full bath. It’s all pure luxury. There is a pool, garden, and hammock outside. The kitchen was perfect and had everything we needed to cook and the downstairs sofa and bed were SO soft and comfortable. This one does not make you pay the electricity bill like many Merida Airbnb’s do (they read the meter and charge what you use). You can use Uber and pay about $2 to get anywhere from this location and you can easily walk to most popular restaurants and bars instead. Parking is on the street like almost all properties in Merida.

Click here to book or save Casa Monarca. At the time I booked, it was $91 per night. The place holds 4 people, so that would be $25/night per person if you had a group. What a steal!

2. Casa de Colores, Santiago

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico ignore my Carl’s Jr, lol

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico

What a place! This is a 4-bedroom casa that we splurged out even though we were only two people. It was just so beautiful and for $166 a night, how wild you can have a whole mansion to yourself with a huge pool. The way this place has been restored is so stylish; it’s the coolest Airbnb I’ve stayed at. We just stayed a night, but typically they do have a two-night minimum. You’ll see a lot of the nicer Airbnb’s do, although sometimes the owner will make an exception.

Parking is on the street, but it’s a quiet area and there were tons of spaces. The road was nearly empty. You can walk to some cool places here; Santiago is a great neighborhood. I think the photos tell you everything about this place! The master bedroom as a jacuzzi and private garden outside.

Click here to book Casa de Colores. At the time I booked it was $166 per night. This place is for 10 people (one room has two double beds), so that would be just $16 per person if you filled the rooms.

3. Casa de Luz

Luz En Yucatan Review, Merida,

Luz En Yucatan Review, Merida,

We stayed here three nights when we first arrived and if it wasn’t booked, we would have stayed longer. I wrote a full review here. This is on booking sites and Airbnb, like many boutique hotels in Merida. The room we stayed in was lower level with its own balcony by the pool. The design of this place is a little more simple, not super upscale and is a hotel as well. You will have a key to the front door and to the room. You don’t have a whole house here.

Click here to book Casa de Luz. At the time of booking it was $120 per night.

4. La Casita of Maison Azul

OMG – beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful one in all of Merida! It’s a one bedroom house which is separated but in the same complex as the owner’s main house. The pool separates them, but they are not always home and when they are gone they rent that out as well, so you sort of have the place to yourself. This place is beautiful and romantic. I cannot get over how beautiful it is!

Click here to book Casita of Maison Azul. This is around $100 per night and breakfast is included and cooked for you by the host.

5. Casa Naranja

cheap airbnb merida

While we love the luxe life with Airbnb, we couldn’t splurge every night especially when it was one days that we wouldn’t even get to enjoy the Airbnb and just needed a place to sleep. This is the most affordable option we found that was still cute and had what was necessary. It’s a one bedroom near Santiago Park (so walkable to many places). It has parking out front, WiFi, and surprisingly, considering the low price, A/C is included.

Click here to book Casa Naranja. It is around $25 per night and you have the place to yourself.

6. Casa Esmeralda

The design of this is basically how I picture my future house! I’m obsessed. It’s a “chic, airy, garden escape”. It’s a redone colonial with two bedrooms and the most amazing garden I’ve ever seen which surrounds a massive swimming pool. The place is mostly white with big pops of color and has kept it’s Yucatan-style. It has WiFi and you can walk to the city in 20 minutes or just Uber.

Click here to book Esmeralda. It is currently $132 per night. You get the entire house which fits up to 6 guests, making this place cheaper than a hostel once you split up the cost, at $22 per night per person.

These Airbnb’s in Merida just scrape the surface and I was limited by my short time there of being able to check out more. I stayed in some hotels, too while I was in Merida. If you want a hotel, I can recommend Hotel Hacienda Merida. Rates are around $80/night and the rooms are lush with fluffy beds, romantic feel, robes, and really nice toiletries. The bar and pool are awesome and it’s right next to Saint Lucia square. Book on Hotelscombined to save, since they compare rates from Expedia, Booking.com, and all the rest.

Some photos of the hotel mentioned:

merida hotel hacienda

For more insane Airbnb’s in Merida, put your dates in on this page and see what is available while you are there.

It’s amazing what you can find. If you’re traveling with just one person, you’ll find amazing entire houses cheaper than a hotel and if you have a group, you can stay at the most kickass mansion cheaper than each of you would spend at a hostel. Remember to use my link to sign up to Airbnb to get $40 off your first booking.

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