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Amidst all the beautiful chaos that is Rome, there is one place that remains a safe haven for those looking to explore this historic city at a slower pace: Trastevere.

With its colorful façades, traffic-free streets and the sounds of the Tiber as it peacefully flows by, this medieval quarter almost seems like an impossible dream. But its quaint charm is definitely real and, best of all, super Instagrammable!

Whether you’re looking for that typical Italian street to make your Instagram 100% #goals or you’re just looking for a spot in Rome to take a peaceful stroll in the late afternoon, Trastevere is where you’ll find it.

Below, find the best route to explore this charming neighborhood – and take many photos along the way! And if you’re wondering how to spend 4 days in the city, check this Rome itinerary guide.

An Instagram Guide to Trastevere Neighborhood in Rome

Ponte Sisto


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There is no better introduction to Trastevere than Ponte Sisto. With its graceful arches reaching across the two margins of the Tiber, Ponte Sisto is a beautiful combination of Rome’s elegant architecture and stunning city views.

This is your northern gateway into Rome’s most unique neighborhood. Behind you lie the historic monuments and ruins of the Eternal City; ahead, you’ll find quirky shops, winding cobbled streets and plenty of postcard-perfect views.

Via Corsini

And since you’re starting to explore Trastevere from its northern tip, your first stop will be Orto Botanico. But first, enjoy the photo-ops at Via Corsini. It’s here that you’ll catch this beautiful façade of an 18th-century palace. Inside, you can visit its opulent rooms and view a collection of antique art in its galleries.

Orto Botanico


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Just behind Palazzo Corsini is where you’ll find this secret garden in the center of Rome. Housing over 7,000 unique plant and flower species, Orto Botanico is one of the city’s many stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It offers plenty of shade and unique shots of a different side of Trastevere.

Orto Botanico is open between 9 am and 7 pm daily and tickets are €10.



Just above the gardens, you’ll find the eighth hill of Rome. Gianicolo, though not included one the list of the official seven historic colli (hills) of Rome, is actually where you’ll get one of the best panoramic views of the city. The climb to the top is long (about 20 minutes) but definitely worth it!

Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere

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A short 10-minute walk will take you from Orto Botanico into the heart of Trastevere at Piazza di Santa Maria. But if you want to take your time, head into the smaller alleyways with crumbling buildings and faded façades. Via del Moro is perfect if you also want to check out some of the local shops and restaurants.

Once at Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, you’ll want to grab a coffee at one of the cafés that line the square and do some people-watching. The 15th century fountain is frequently the stage for musical and cultural events by day and the perfect meeting point for partygoers by night.

Basilica di Santa Maria

And while you’re at the piazza, your eyes will likely immediately be drawn to the gorgeous façade of the basilica that dominates the square. Considered to be the oldest church built in Rome, Basilica di Santa Maria started being built all the way back in the 3rd century.

Its façade is adorned by ancient Latin inscriptions and, inside, the scenery is just as breathtaking. Golden details embellish the high ceilings and ancient mosaics decorate the apse.

Via della Lungaretta


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Get lost & find yourself.

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It’s time to wander the streets of Trastevere again and Via della Lungaretta will take you all the way from the main piazza to the southernmost tip of this magical neighborhood. Flowerpots on window sills, pastel-colored villas and majestic doorways will fill your Instagram gallery with wanderlust and style.

Via della Lugaretta is also where you’ll find unique local shops, like the incredible Open Door Bookshop, and delicious restaurants to grab a quick bite in the afternoon. Don’t forget to stop by the Fior di Luna for some of that delicious Italian gelato!

Isola Tiberina

As if the quiet streets of Trastevere didn’t already feel like the polar opposite from the bustling avenues of Rome, entering Isola Tiberina is like stumbling upon a magical world. Here, a mysterious and tumultuous heritage creates an enchanting atmosphere where the sound of the Tiber flowing by guide you to discover a historic church, an ancient hospital and a charming restaurant.

From Via della Lungaretta, just turn left onto Piazza della Gensola, then take the first right to get to Lungotevere degli Anguillara and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be crossing Ponte Cestio to get to this magical island.

In all, this route takes about 45 minutes to complete without stopping.

If you include stops for photo-ops, a sweet gelato or just a few moments to take in the picturesque views, you’ll be plenty busy for a good afternoon!

An Instagram Guide to Trastevere

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An Instagram Guide to Trastevere for Amazing Photo Opportunities

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