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Susan Ripley is a travel blogger at Brooklyn Tropicali. She travels full-time in Latin America with her husband and two backpacks. When she’s not blogging, she’s a travel planner, freelance writer, social media consultant, and avid street food eater. She's passionate about cultural immersion, impulsive adventures, and pictures of colorful facades.

Tour of Andalucia Spain: 6 Must Visit Cities in Andalucia Spain

The southern province of Andalucia in Spain has its own distinct and beautiful culture. It’s also full of rolling mountains, valleys, beautiful coastline, and national parks. It’s a must visit if you head to Spain! This post will share how to have the perfect tour of Andalucia at your own pace. You could spend your

Cusco City Guide: What to Do, Eat, Drink and Where to Stay

If you go to Peru, you will most definitely be spending some time in Cusco. It’s the gateway to Machu PIcchu and the Inca Trail, and anything else you might want to do in the Southern Andes. Besides being a tourist hub, Cusco is actually really charming and lovely. I spent 2 weeks in this

What to Pack for Peru (and What NOT to Pack)

Peru is the most complicated destination I’ve ever had to pack for - so I want to help you avoid the stress with some tips on what to pack for Peru! This country has hot coastal beaches, wet Amazon rainforest, a mostly temperate capital city, and very cold destinations in the Andean highlands. That’s not

Casco Viejo Old Quarter Guide: Panama City’s Cutest Neighborhood

I spent over 3 weeks in Panama City, and my favorite part, by far, was Casco Viejo - or the old historic district. It's by far the most Instagrammable place in Panama City and I've put together this Casco Viejo old quarter guide so you know exactly where to go. This neighborhood is jam packed

The 4 Best Oaxaca Tours and Day Trips

Oaxaca is one my favorite cities in the world - that’s why I keep coming back again and again. This year is my 3rd trip to the city, and I’ve spent about 7 months here total. I’ve done just about all of the Oaxaca tours and day trips multiple times, so I have lots of

The 5 Best Ruins to Visit in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

There are thousands of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula, southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras - many of them still unexcavated. Of the hundreds that are open to visitors, even just starting with the Yucatan Peninsula, how do you decide which of the best ruins to visit in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula to explore? I’ve

Mexico City Neighborhood Guide: Where to Stay For Your Travel Style

If you haven’t heard, Mexico City has moved past the stereotype of being dirty and dangerous. It’s a giant dynamic city with heaps of culture, pretty historic buildings, and some of the best food in the world. Mexico City Neighborhood Guide It’s also an easy flight from the US and Canada and has a low