When it comes to being Type A, I’m getting an A+ in it. I am the most organized traveler – and my travel buddies often joke that I never even unpack. I like things to be just *so* in my luggage. Whether I was lugging around a backpack or rolling a suitcase, I had everything organized inside with packing cubes. I have been using them since 2013. While some people like to try different lipsticks, I like to try different packing cubes! I love nothing more than organizing, so I’ve tried out all the top brands. I tend to stick to a few favorites but I’m going to give a run-down of the 10 best packing cubes for you to choose from.

How I Best Use My Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are just little fabric boxes that you put all your stuff in to keep it organized and save space in your luggage. They are lightweight, easy to transfer into hotel drawers if you want, keep your clothing folded nicely while your luggage is being thrown around by airlines, save space, and are typically affordable.

When you buy packing cubes, it’s important to get a set with different sizes and shapes. You need square, you need oblong, you need smaller ones and medium. I like to do dresses in a square one, folded in half twice and then jeans and tees in an oblong one. Then I’ll do my swimsuits and cover-ups in one medium one and undies/bras/PJ’s in another medium one. With the smaller ones, I’ll pack in tech supplies or whatever else I need them for on a specific trip.

If you want a few extra tips on packing and how to fold and organize your clothing, check out my packing with the KonMari method.

10 Best Packing Cubes

Headed to the UK soon? Here's my perfect little London packing list for women! This is all I'm bringing with me on my trip this summer/fall.

Ebags 6 Pc. Sampler Packing Cubes

I have used Ebags pretty much primarily for years because they are affordable and stand the test of time plus I like the shapes. The 6 pc sampler is my go-to. These are the most durable. I also have the “Ultralight” and while they do weigh nothing, they do not hold up for years. At around two years, the netting started to break and I had to replace them. Ebags comes with specific packing cubes for shoes or toiletries as well – of course, I have them all. But the 6 pc sampler is the one I can’t live without and I just get black or silver in all packing cubes so I can mix and match with other brands and keep my luggage all cohesive in color (told you, very Type A haha).

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what to wear in panamaYou can see in this photo, the top one is from the 6 pc sampler and the bottom square one is from the Ultralight set. Then to the top right, is a little favorite of mine, the Anatomie packing cube.      

Anatomie Packing Cubes

These are the most random packing cubes but let me tell you – they are the BEST. I’m just sad they only come in one size (the size in the image above). Anatomie Style is a travel clothing website that sells expensive but quality clothing (I like them for safari and outdoor stuff especially and their leggings are awesome) but they have these $5 packing cubes – yes, $5! They are made from this soft breathable nylon and come in natural colors. I have the “gold” and I just love love love them. If I am going carry-on only, I will use four of these and roll my clothes up small to fit so I have just these in my bag. Perfection!

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LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes

Loveeee these! They are so clever. They use a double-zip technique that will compress your cube into half the size once you push it down. When this makes the most sense for me isn’t just before I leave for a trip and want to compress things down. It’s also during a trip – as you travel and take things out and wear them, adding them to your dirty laundry you’ll find that your packing cubes are not full enough and things really need to be tight in there to stay organized, so you can just scrunch them down with the compression! The three set in grey is perfect and though it’s only three, I mix it with my Anatomie ones making the perfect luggage set-up!

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REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cubes

These are great for the adventurous traveler. First of all, REI is such a respected brand that is known for making durable products. I use their backpacks, sleeping bags, and pillows as well. These packing cubes are ripstop, water-resistant, and have handles so you can carry them as a second bag if you need to. These come sized like a backpack would with 6 liters, 12 liters, and up to 20 liters in the three sizes.

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Away’s The Insider Packing Cubes

If you already have an Away luggage, then getting these to match would be ideal. If you have rolling luggage and are looking for the most stylish packing cubes, Away makes them with their Insider Packing Cubes which come in the same colors as their luggage, including millennial pink. These are very “boxy” and come in 6 different shapes and sizes, all varied which is nice. There isn’t much that sets them apart except style, so it’s up to you if the price tag is worth it.

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AmazonBasics Packing Cubes

Not about spending dough just on style and care only about substance? Then the cheap but “get the job done” AmazonBasics packing cubes are perfect for you. It’s a little four piece set, two medium and two large that are simple, come in a variety of fun colors, and are great for a traveler on a budget, ranging from just $18-$22 (depending on color).

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Eagle Creek Pack It Cube Set

Eagle Creek’s Pack It Cube Set is an all-around great bundle to get, especially if you’re new to packing cubes. It comes with a large, medium, and small size. I fit my underwear into the small size, shirts or bras in to medium, and dresses and pants into the largest one. I like how nicely they keep their shape and the fabric is a bit stiffer than normal.

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Eagle Creek Spector Compression Packing Cubes

The same as the brand above, these compress down once you’ve filled them up. Compression bags are popular with those who tend to overpack or are going on a long trip and this is similar to the LeanTravel ones mentioned above, though a different brand and style. These are made from ripstop, lightweight nylon. These are long and rectangular plus have handles so you can carry it outside your luggage if you need to.

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L&N Always Packing Cube Set

For the girly-girl in you, these are one of the cheapest on the list at $18 but come with more – 8 pieces! and in fun colors like pink stripes or ones that have cute travel sayings on them. Truth be told, these aren’t the most quality but they do offer more in terms of organization with a pull-tie bag for dirty clothes, a middle zip cube for shoes, one large square cube, 3 oblong cubes in small, medium, and large, a smaller draw-string pouch, and a zippered pocket great for documents and money. It’s unique and will cover all the bases plus add a touch of personality to your luggage.

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Ebags Fortis Pro

Alright, so this is cheating but I can’t have this post and not mention my favorite luggage that comes with built-in packing cubes. It manages to get everything organized. If you look at the photo below, you can see I had so many little things to fit in, but there was a space for each one of them.

Ebags Fortis Pro Review

Ebags Fortis Pro Review

Ebags Fortis Pro Review

This is a favorite and the rolling carry-on that I always travel with called the Fortis Pro. I have a full review you can read here or you can buy it on Ebags.com here. Compared to the Away luggage which I also have, this one blows it away: it’s expandable, a smart bag with a charging port, and beyond organized.

Overall, I couldn’t travel without having the right equipment to keep me organized and packing cubes are the #1 thing that I use.

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