Weirdly, I never seem to come across the answer to this question! What’s the best travel bra? While a strapless bra is probably the most versatile, most girls would agree it’s also probably the most uncomfortable style. That’s especially true if you’re flying across the country or backpacking through India.

I’ve gone through my fair share trying to find the most comfortable bras for travel, so I thought I’d list some of my favorite brands per bra style. Keep in mind I’m definitely on the flatter side, so there are certain styles I can wear more easily than someone with a C or D cup!

best bras for travel

What’s the Best Travel Bra?

Free People Bralettes

Good for bandeau and halter style. They make quality lace bras that last forever so are worth the price tag which is usually around $22 (not bad). For me, they’ve always run true to size. You can see their whole selection here and some of my favorites below.

Urban Outfitters Triangle Lace Bralettes

These sometimes go on sale, but typically the sale ones are crazy colors they want to get out of stock. I have this bra in white, black, light blue, and light purple. They are really comfortable and two of them have been on my travels since 2008! Crazy! I put some of the ones I like below, but you can find their whole selection here.

Crochet Bras

I have two crochet “bras” that are actually swimsuit tops I bought on Etsy. The girl who makes them lives in the Ukraine and I bought them in a coral and also the “milk” color above. I never buy the swim bottoms since I wouldn’t use them but sometimes use this as a swimsuit, too with random bottoms since it can match pretty much anything. So, so versatile to travel with and is perfect for when the bra is definitely going to show as it looks like you did it on purpose, in a non-trashy way. See the different styles here or below.

Body by Victoria Underwire Bras

I’ve always used this bra, since high school and have never found a better underwire bra. These are no padding at all and just soft cups. I travel with a black one on SOME trips; pretty much only when I know that I’ll need a “real” bra for a nice dress. Check out their different bras here or below.

Under Armour Sports Bras

While I don’t wear sports bras a lot, I know people love Under Armour’s sports bras. They’re super comfortable and durable if you do a lot more extreme exercises or activities. I also have their tennies which I am obsessed with! See all the styles here or below.

For Luxury Lingeries: Taryn Winters

If you’re looking for something a little more special for a honeymoon or anniversary trip, Taryn Winters makes gorgeous bras. They are so pretty and although expensive, perfect for a special trip. Mine is that black one in the photo below.

What's the best travel bra? In all my travels, I've tried all sorts of different styles and brands, so I'm compiling my favorites in one post.

Sloane + Tate

In the photo above, the white cotton “t shirt” bra is from Sloane + Tate. It is SO comfortable and I have it in gray, also. I actually have some undies and tee shirts from their brand as well. If you want something comfortable, a little more trendy with matching cotton shorts-style undies, these are great! It’s kind of like loungewear and great for flights and long journeys.

BONUS TIP: Wear a bikini top as a bra

One of the best tips I learned is to wear a bikini top as a bra, especially in more humid climates. You can read all of my favorite bikini brands here, but here are some styles below to get you started:

These are my favorite brands that I wear constantly while I travel! What do you think is the best travel bra?

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