For those holidaymakers that are considering spending their next vacation in Bali and are considering staying in one of those 5-star resorts, well we have a much better option for you: staying in one of the many private Bali Villas that are found throughout the island. Resort style holidays are so passé.

For those wanting to try something completely new, who also want to experience a fabulous way of spending their time with friends and family, we just absolutely love holiday life in a villa. I know it’s easy to book a well-known resort. You have probably read all the reviews, spoken to a few people who have stayed there before and are keen to just get it over and done with.

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But, following are 7 reasons why staying in your own private holiday villa in Bali is so much better than your typical resort style holiday.

1. Privacy

Yes, that’s a huge bonus. You don’t have to share the pool with anyone, no more queuing up at those horrible breakfast buffet lines and you don’t have to struggle to find a day bed by the pool. 

2. Villa Staff

Most villas in Bali have their own staff which means you don’t have to lift a finger cleaning or cooking. Most meals will be prepared for you by your own villa staff and in some of the more glam villas, you will even have your own private chef and butler to wait personally for you. Now that’s what I call special!

3. It’s cheap

Work it out and do the math. Some resorts can charge up to $500 per room per night and for a family of 4 wanting 2 rooms this can add up to a lot of money. You can easily find 2 to 3 bedroom villas in really popular areas like Seminyak, Canggu or Legian for less than $300 per night. So when you stay in a villa your actually saving money. I know this is hard to believe but it’s actually true and make no mistake, you’re not going to be compromising on the level of service, facilities or comfort.

4. Entertainment

If you like your dinner parties and love to entertain then staying in a villa is perfect for you. Why? Because they all come with a fully equipped modern kitchen, some even with the latest Miele appliances and most of the larger 3, 4,, 5 and 6 bedroom villas will have an outdoor area for those lovely al fresco lunches and dinners. 

5. Central Locations

Most of the more popular holiday villas are in either Seminyak,  Canggu or the Petitenget / Oberoi areas which means you are really close to so many attractions that make a holiday special. You’re also near supermarkets and delis which are great if you need to pop out and stock up on supplies for that next dinner party. 

6. Modern Facilities

You might be concerned that a private villa will not, nor can it match the ‘wow factor’ and convenience that some resorts offer. Let me start by saying that nearly all the villas for rent have to meet a certain standard and in most cases will surpass this. Most Bali villas to rent come with ultra-fast wifi, entertainment systems, cable TV, gorgeous en-suite bathrooms, modern air-conditioned bedrooms, gardeners, pool maintenance teams and have their own security.

7. Uniqueness

Lastly, it’s just so cool and a really good feeling when you are able to have the keys to your own private villa. There’s a real sense of ownership and having your own piece of tropical paradise all to yourself.

Walking around the pool with no clothes on, late night dips with your partner, signing on the top of your voice, relaxing in your own cabana, not having to look at anyone else’s children running around the pool making a noise, having staff at your beck and call, stocking up the fridge with your favourite beers and drinking them by the pool and living like it’s your home away from home. This is what makes holidaying in a villa so enticing and far better than any old resort.

As we say if you stay in a villa once, you will never ever go back to staying at a resort or a hotel. It becomes the norm for you. Try it just once and you will be convinced that this is the only way to holiday.