I always see these multi-way sarong/dresses online but hadn’t tried one out myself until now. I got one of these magic things and attempted to wear it all the way the videos online said you can. Some were easy and some were total fails! Here’s my Encircled Chrysalis Cardi review.

Encircled Chrysalis Cardi Review

So, what is it? Basically, it’s a looped piece of cloth with snaps on it in various places. When you open the package you might not be so impressed, but that’s because you have to make it into something cool.

The website has videos to help you try out different ways to wear it. There’s also a little booklet which comes in the package and has step-by-step instructions.

It comes in a variety of colors, but for me black just seemed like it would match everything the best when I am traveling. It also is made from sustainable eco-friendly fabric and sewn in Canada. You can search their website for more versatile pieces. Their motto is “Be More With Less”.

One Shoulder Dress

This was the first one I tried. It was pretty easy to get on and also turned out to be my favorite look. I think you can’t tell it’s a multi-wear piece which is kind of the point! The piece comes with a sash you can add around. This looks good without the belt though, kind of a flowy Grecian look.

Normal Dress

This was the easiest of the dresses to sort out. Without the belt, my friend referred to it as the “dobby the house elf dress” so let’s just go ahead and add the belt with this one! I don’t personally have any cool belts at home to spruce this up, but if you do travel with a belt or cool chain you could make this look even better.

It’s definitely conservative which is good for travel; it came down all the way to my knees. When you want to keep things simple and have a versatile wardrobe, this is pretty unbeatable. You can read here for more packing tips.

Criss Cross Back Dress

encircled chrysalis cardi review

This dress looks about the same in the front, although maybe pulled a little tighter. But, the back was cross and looked really cool. You need the sash for sure on this one. I am not sure if I even did these steps right, but it turned out okay!

Off the Shoulders Dress

encircled chrysalis cardi reviewThis is not one of the official “looks” you are meant to wear, but it accidentally worked out this way and I thought it was interesting!

There are dozens of ways to probably wear this even though they only advertise 8. You can definitely play around with it and make up your own.

The other looks were tops.

Shoulder Covering Shawl

This is meant to be open in the look, but I saw there was a snap so wanted to show how it looked closed, too.

This was a really easy one to do you just kind of slide it over your arms from the back. It would be good especially if you are traveling somewhere you need to cover up for temples or mosques.

Cross Back Shirt

encircled chrysalis cardi review

This one was kind of hard or “adventurous’ as they call it. I think it looks pretty cool, but it wasn’t that comfortable. Mine doesn’t look like their photo, so there is a 99% chance I didn’t do it right.

More Options:

You can also wear it as a scarf single or double looped and as a cape. There were a couple more options that are on their website. If you look at the photos on there you’ll be like, “Wow, Rachel you just didn’t do this cardi justice…” I know! They look so much better on the models on their site, but the thing is us travelers are not models and won’t have someone helping us to know exactly how to wear this piece of cloth.

So, I think it’s good to see it on someone who is also just trying to figure it out. Overall, the basic looks were really easy and I can imagine they would become second nature as you continue to wear it. The top would look cute with skirts or over a maxi dress as well.

I hope you liked this Chrysalis Cardi review. Let me know how you wear it if you end up buying it for your travels. You can also check out their Instagram to see people wearing it in more unique ways. Click here to visit their website.