10 Travel Tips for Venice.. & Going to Rehab

I have to admit my time in Venice was not well spent. You know when you’ve been traveling too long and you just feel tired? You don’t want to take any photos, talk to anyone, or sightsee? That was my Venice. Although, that didn’t stop me from shopping, nothing does. I bought beautiful Murano hand-blown

Stay in a Castle in Italy

Imagine a beautiful walk down the ­­­­coast of the Gulf of Genoa, part of the Italian Riviera having a chocolate gelato, and heading up to take siesta in your castle overlooking the sea. You can stay in a castle in Italy for about 15 euros a night. In western europe, that’s a decent hostel price,

Guide to the San Lorenzo Market in Florence

One of my favorite places I've shopped is the San Lorenzo Market in Florence, Italy. Don’t get me wrong- I like to travel so I can soak in the culture, but here are my top three things to do while traveling 1. Outdoor adventure 2. Shop 3. Take photos of little kids (in a non-creepy