I actually go through withdrawal of American food when I get back to India. Going through these photos was rough guys… but I did for it you… ;)

My favorite American Food

I flew in to Ohio and left for Florida just two days later. It was a press trip and they feed us bloggers well, that’s for sure. It was 10 days of food heaven. Then I went to Vegas, as well as more time back in Ohio.

Here were some of my faves. If you’re American I guess no explanation needed but stats show that only 38% of you are so I will put some captions on the stranger dishes.

B Resort and Spa Orlando

Space Coast Guide cocoa beachshrimp tacos!

west palm florida grease burgerThis sandwich was ordered mainly so us bloggers could take photos and even sharing it we couldn’t finish. The milkshake? Full of booze.

Below is Guy’s restaurant from Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives. You’ve got to try it in Vegas! It was my favorite of all the places I tried. I was working with their PR team so they wanted us to try a lot of dishes. I can’t even count how many they sent out! My friend was on a diet for her upcoming wedding and obviously had to put that on the backburner for the week – haha woops!

My Week in Vegas guys kitchen

gervasi vineyard top wineries in ohioThis was a meal from Gervasi Vineyard in Ohio. I love a good wedge salad and miss having such good iceburg lettuce while in India. The other dish is stuffed sausage hot banana peppers. I love spicy things and these were the bomb.

Nashville is known for food and these were some of my favorites, but I have a whole post coming on the best food in Nashville!

nashville best foodmeatloaf, chicken pot pie

nashville best food

Now for the Ohio food! Most of which was cooked by my mom. Some of the best dishes she cooked I ate too fast to photograph! My all time favorite lunch is tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The other pic to the right is called “country fried steak” and is kind of hard to explain, but it’s a Southern dish I think.Ohio 20163

ohio food5This delicious sandwich is bologna and it’s not just any bologna, but the best from G&R Tavern in Waldo, Ohio. This was the 5th time I had fried pickles since I’d been back… and it wasn’t the last. The other fried bits are mushrooms. My family and I love fried food and I don’t care if it’s unhealthy :p

ohio food4Dad’s homemade ribs are an all-time favorite and Ben can eat a rack of them by himself. It’s pretty impressive.  We usually get 1 rack for me and my mom and dad, but when Ben comes we get a second one just for him! That’s just one rack above, cut in half.

Below, is “sausage gravy biscuits” which is made with delicious sausage grease haha super way to start the morning and my mom’s specialty!
ohio food3

ohio food9Dad’s chili could win contests. We top it with sour cream, cheese, and crackers. I have made this in India but found out the hard way that chili powder here is a hell of a lot more potent!

ohio food8

Ohio 20165wings, stuffed potatoes, and spinach dip are American appetizers you have to try when you visit the USA!

In Ohio, but nowhere else, we have something called Skyline Chili and it’s chili on noodles with a TON of cheese on top. My mom makes it at home, but there is a fast food chain that originated it. Actually, it was a Greek guy who owned it back in the day and the meat sauce is very similar to the taste of a Greek lasagna, Pastitsio. At the restaurant you have to get the coney dogs.

ohio food12

ohio food2

We did some Pinterest recipes and some kicked ass, while others were total failures. The little parcels below weren’t the best (biscuits with jalepeno popper dip inside). We tried another similar jalepeno popper dip recipe with crunchies on top and that was so good we had it twice! One I made and one that my BBF’s mom made.ohio food6

ohio food14The other recipes above? Buffalo chicken dip (the bomb), taco dip, beer and cheeseburger dip (you have to try this one!), and Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders which are all over Pinterest and now I can see why. You will go through a lot of cream cheese and butter making these recipes. Americans love eating dips. It’s a fact.
Ohio 20164Panera was a must, and my mom’s pizza hoagies (the huge sandwich above on the right) I had to have twice. They are a specialty of Cincinnati and actually the “hoagie” beef is something we have to buy 3 hours South in my parents’ hometown because you can’t get it everywhere in Ohio and bring it home in a cooler when we go South to visit Grandma.

ohio food7Roadhouse salads and rolls… something I crave on the regular
ohio food13fair food: coneys, BBQ, Philly cheesesteak, fair fries, and lemonade… me and my parents went to the State fair which has a lot of activities, but for my dad and I it was only to eat.

Ohio 20167Ribs & green beans casserole with fried onions

ohio food10

ohio food15Ben’s contribution: shepherd’s pie… my parent’s requested him to make it after they tried it while in India.. it’s the best!

ohio food17

ohio food11

ohio food16

ohio food19mall food… Auntie Annes soft Pretzels and mall Chinese.. the best.. love me some MSG

ohio food18

And lastly my birthday cake from Dairy Queen, made with ice cream. So, these are my favorite American foods! I am such a foodie (not the fancy kind because I think stuff like sardines and chicken liver pate are disgusting, but the “I like recipes on Pinterest kind” lol).

Now I’m back to Goan life and can’t have any of these things and it’s torture!! 

ohio food

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