Budget airlines in India for domestic flights are lifesavers. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to fly to Bombay than to take the bus!

There is one thing you need to know before you book your flight to India:

ONLY book it to your first port of entry.

If you are flying London to Goa, book your international flight London to Bombay OR London to Delhi (whatever you find cheaper) THEN go onto an Indian booking site and book your connecting leg. You will love the price you get.

Budget Airlines in India for Domestic Flights

I personally use Kiwi for almost all bookings. They search all budget airlines and if you miss a connection, they cover you with a FREE new flight.

The Domestic Airlines in India:

Unlike budget lines in Europe like Ryanair, these airlines in India actually have LESS fees and offer MORE luggage weight than many international flights I’ve taken.

I’ve been overweight in my checked luggage and wasn’t asked to pay a fine many times. Also, on a variety of Indian airlines, I have checked multiple bags and not paid a fee.

Best yet, although check in for ALL domestic flights in India close their counters 40 or 45 minutes before departure, I have showed up with 12 minutes before flight take off and been ushered onto the plane! They screened and checked my bag for me and told me to run.

I’m not going to do a break down of all the airlines and debate them, but really it’s a toss up. My favorite is IndiGo, and most people will rave about this airline. Go Air is a close second. They are newer and kind of hip, plus I haven’t had as many delays with them.  Jet Airways (good food) and JetKonnect (discount Jet Airways) are good options as well as SpiceJet.

I’ve probably had the most delays with Air India and like their planes and service the least, but they have bumped me to business class (for free) when flying to Singapore… although on the shittiest plane ever!

Obviously Air Asia is going to be a new awesome option to fly domestically. I’ve taken it once already and it’s all brand spankin’ new. I love it! They were efficient, super cheap, and played great music when we landed.

You’ll find random positives and negatives with each and none is notoriously bad. Air India is operated by the government and let’s be real, the Indian government operated offices usually are slow and get nothing accomplished, so actually the airline exceeds expectations.

Checked Baggage Allowance per protocol (as of June 2015):

Guide to Budget Airlines for Domestic Flights in India

Air India 15 kg


Guide to Budget Airlines for Domestic Flights in IndiaIndiGO 15 kg


Guide to Budget Airlines for Domestic Flights in IndiaSpiceJet 20 kg


Guide to Budget Airlines for Domestic Flights in IndiaJet Airways 15 kg


Guide to Budget Airlines for Domestic Flights in IndiaGo Air 20 kg


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