I was having a busy day rushing to a friends in Ashwem when I saw the new shop On The Go just at the Ashwem-Morjim Junction. Goa is known for a laid back vibe, which usually means slow service. Lunch takes two hours so I tend to eat something quick at home instead. So, I was really shocked to see the set-up: healthy sandwiches already made (that day) and packaged up in a cooler (which is one thing I saw a lot and loved in England). There were fresh salads and blended ice tea with fresh juices along with fancy desserts and a chill vibe.

on the go goaChicken Peri Peri in such legitimate takeaway packaging… in Goa.. it’s shocking and amazing!

healthy food in goa

Healthy Food in Goa

I picked up a chicken peri-peri and black ice tea with mandarin juice for only 300 rupees. I knew I wanted to chat with Marco to see where this concept came from. I’ve never seen anything like this in Goa- quick food, to takeaway, which is actually good for you! It’s just what we needed.

 on the go morjim goaMarco lucked out finding a super awesome staff

The owner, Marco, was born in a tourist area of Lima near the beach making Goa feel just like home. A man of many talents, he’s worked in hospitality, event planning, DJ’ing, and had a restaurant in Cusco, Peru. He also happens to have a really nice wife, Mona (who has a catering company here and does desserts for On the Go), and the most adorable chubby-cheeked baby you’ll ever see. I wanted to know more about the shop so asked Marco a few questions.

 Interview with On The Go | Morjim Goa

What gave you the brilliant idea to start a take-away shop in Goa?

We had a restaurant in Peru & after two years here wanted to try something new. Looking around we noticed that there is not much healthy fresh fast food in Goa. In Lima & London, there are many places to grab something on the run and I love those places.

 on the go morjim goa

Considering your Peruvian background, do the items on the menu reflect that or more your new Indian home?

Peru is now one of the most well-known culinary destinations in the world and I am very proud of our culinary history. I miss the food. Our triple sandwich (egg, tomato, avocado) is a favorite in Peru. We are experimenting with other Peruvian foods but many ingredients are not available here so we are trying alternatives with hope to have more Peruvian sandwiches soon. We also have Mona’s tres leches which is a Peruvian dessert. It means three milks and is very comforting & homely.

healthy food in goa

What types of sandwiches do you sell?

We have started with 10 sandwiches and have a range of flavours. We have several veggie options, some spicy ones, some classics and a few unique recipes. Our Mediterranean (roast veggies, pesto, and goat cheese) is very popular. Our top seller so far is chicken peri peri (chicken with local Goan chillies) with our special recipe pineapple salsa. We also have falaffel, roast beef, chicken kofta, Mexican tuna, pulled pork with bar-b-q coleslaw & more.

healthy food in goa6 of the 10 sandwiches at On the Go

chicken peri peri at on the go morjim goa

chicken peri peri sandwich at on the go morjim goaChicken peri peri above, and a special On the Go BLT

 on the go morjim goa

Salads as a take away in Goa… never thought I’d see that! What kinds of salads do you have?

Our salads are very popular. The Middle Eastern (barley, orange vinaigrette, roasted spiced veggies topped with fresh herbs and toasted sunflower seeds) is the star seller so far. It is a very nutritious, tasty, satisfying meal & our customers love it. Also we have a delicious spicy Asian Noodle salad with a lemongrass & ginger dressing & fresh herbs. We are working on even more new salads at the moment.

 on the go morjim goaAsian salad & Middle Eastern salad below

 on the go morjim goa

Your shop was the first place I had tea blended with juice (maybe I just live under a rock) but I’m guessing there are some health benefits to this…. true?

It was always my idea to use tea because to me tea is life. It has so many health benefits, especially green tea. We use quality Indian tea; both green and black Assam. Then we add fruits to make them even tastier & healthier. They are also damn thirst quenching!

On the Go1-001

Speaking of health, are the sandwiches on offer pretty healthy?

Yes! We always use wholemeal bread and our ingredients are always fresh and local. Because everything is fresh and homemade, we don’t need to use preservatives or any additives.

Our philosophy is that food should always be fresh & tasty.

healthy food in goaBen and I devoured this carrot cate… so, so good!

The sandwiches are packaged and ready to go, but when are they made?

We make the sandwiches fresh all day. As soon as any are about to sell out we make more. The fillings are made each morning and we make the sandwiches as soon as we get here. We don’t open until 11 but are always here from 9 preparing for the day. If you pass by early just pop by and see what we have ready.

healthy fresh food at on the go in goaMiddle Eastern Barley salad

You stock desserts from Mona’s pantry. Can you share with us which desserts you have in the shop?

The desserts are always changing. Mona is a fantastic pastry chef and enjoys using the ingredients she finds here in Goa to make new things. We will always have a couple of cakes, different flavours of cheesecake, something to please chocoholics, and more. At the moment we have trifle which is a favorite of mine.

on the go goa desserts by monas pantrydesserts by Mona’s Pantry

healthy food in goa

This is a massive step forward in Goa, and no one else has a shop like this. What else can we expect from On the Go as the season takes off?

We have lots of ideas. We want to bring in some more salads and bring more variety to the sandwiches. Maybe we could have a sandwich of the week because we have so many new recipes we want to share with people. I also want to experiment adding the local spices in the drinks. For example, tea with apple juice with cinnamon. We also offer a boxed lunch service to hotels and individual customers so I would like to find time to work on expanding that.

healthy food in goaCan’t beat these prices.

Contact & Map to On The Go // Goa

  • On The Go is located at the Morjim / Ashwem T- junction (see map below). You can always call if you get lost.
  • Contact number for On The Go +91 7028 924234 | Email at onthegomorjim@gmail.com | Hours 11a-11p
  • Take a second to follow their journey: On the Go Facebook page | Mona’s Pantry Facebook Page

 on the go morjim goa map and contact info

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