Last month I went to Nashville with my parents, Ben, my brother, Travis, and his wife, Bre. We needed 3 rooms for the 6 of us and I was in charge of finding a cool hotel. I wanted something boutique and not typical Holiday Inn or even a 5 star hotel. In Nashville, it’s all about the Southern charm and I wanted a hotel with a unique vibe. I stumbled upon the Hutton Hotel

Hutton Hotel Nashville Review

Hutton Hotel Nashville

Hutton Hotel NashvilleThe hotel has quite a few perks that I’ll touch on but first let me tell you about the cool vibe it has. The lobby, elevators, and hallways were filled up with artwork and thanks to a well-known on-site restaurant and bar, there were lots of people coming in and out making it a fun atmosphere. They even give you alcoholic welcome drink if you want it… really setting that boozy Nashville reputation. I’m not complaining. 

Hutton Hotel Nashville

Hutton Hotel Nashville

Hutton Hotel NashvilleI was lucky to get some early morning shots before there were people in the lobby. They offered a complimentary wine hour from 5-6 (I think it’s only weekdays) and it was fun to take part in that before heading out to dinner. 

Another cool thing to see in the lobby were DOGS! This is a pet friendly hotel and as an animal lover, I loved seeing little and sometimes huge dogs come and go from the lobby doors.

Rooms at the Hutton Hotel
Hutton Hotel Nashville

The rooms were light and bright which I always like. They weren’t totally spacious, but in downtown hotels you rarely find ones that are. For a basic (lowest cost) room I thought it was a pretty decent size. Hutton Hotel Nashville

Hutton Hotel NashvilleThey offered complimentary coffee and tea in the room. Breakfast was not complimentary. You could either eat downstairs at the restaurant 1808 or you could order room service by putting the little sign on your door.

As you can see it was a lovely hotel and we loved our stay but the biggest perk of all was the FREE shuttle service they offered to and from whatever drop-off point you wanted within 3 miles (which is pretty much anywhere downtown). They gave you the valet number and you could get dropped off at the restaurant you wanted then call about 20 minutes before you were ready to leave and they would pick you back up.

That’s pretty much a free Uber. It was amazing and saved a lot of cash overall especially since the 6 of us could fit in their shuttle bus but would have needed either Uber XL or two Uber cars.

I absolutely loved my stay at the Hutton Hotel. Click here for rates and availability.