Welcome back to the series “International Boho-Chic Designers”. I meet so many fashion designers and artists on my travels and as a shopoholic,  I love having unique items from abroad. I want to share them with you!  The designers featured here are those I really shop from and adore.

I’ve seen the FARA booth at the Saturday night market in Arpora for the last two years, just near the Thai place. I always peaked inside and looked at all the silky tie-dye and gorgeous raw silk dresses. They were over my price range last year, but this year I’m hoping to save up a bit a finally buy something from the team at Fara. Their clothes are some of my absolute favorites at the market and they have a new shop in Arambol. To celebrate their Indian silk scarf range they are giving one away to one of you readers!

fara boutique goa saturday night marketStall at Saturday Arpora Market

fara boutique goaVaranasi Scarf

fara boutique goa

Giveaway: The scarves they make are hand-drawn by them and represent different areas of India. They are giving away Goa which is just a perfect match for Hippie in Heels. Scroll to bottom to enter giveaway.

The chicks behind FARA Boutique

fara boutique goa fumie and rachelFumie and Rachel are the girls behind the brand. Fumie originally from Japan, studied in London at the London College of Fashion and since has worked for Alexander McQueen and Stella Mcartney! Fumie is a talented pattern cutter seemstress and designer.

Rachel grew up in London and studied at Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. After graduating she worked as a fashion buyer for Urban Outiffitters for 5 years.

Both are mothers to little girls, living in Goa and also London, and spend everyday together on the beach or in their shop, designing and creating.

fara boutique goa silk scarf

FARA, the Brand:

fara boutique goaFARA stands for Fumie and Rachel’s adventures. They met and became friends through their love of travel. Fara is now in its 2nd season making simple yet design led clothes for women. Their clothes are easy to wear, yet elegant. They make these incredible hand-drawn (by them!) scarves that are so technical and sophisticated… but really fun and bold at the same time. I asked what FARA is as a brand:

 “Designs inspired by our adventures and dreams of those still to come”

fara boutique goa

fara boutique goa

fara boutique goaexamples of the raw silk

fara boutique goathe flowy tie-dye silk… I love this skirt!

FARA makes a range of dresses, tops, shorts, trousers, skirts, kaftans, kimonos, scarves, and cushion covers. Their clothes are made from either 100% raw silk which is hand woven in Varanasi, 100% silk Haboti, or silk chiffon. Their stuff is so unique especially because they show India through their clothing and both of them are travelers who have seen vast amounts of the subcontinent.

The scarves which they are famous for are hand drawn illustrations painted with traditional Japanese watercolour. The same illustrations on on the cushion covers. When you look at the detail up close it’s just amazing!

fara boutique goaTheir four hand-drawn and painted scarves in order clockwise: Varanasi, Rajasthan, Himalaya, Goa

fara boutique goa

fara boutique goa

“With Fara, I rediscovered and rekindled a passion for drawing and painting, and with my knowledge of Japanese watercolour painting knew that these silk scarves woudl capture the essence of the love of travel with the love of luxury.” Fumie, FARA

I just love the scarves they have now, but they have even more coming making the decision of which to purchase even harder. While the old scarves represent their favorite places in India: Varanasi, Goa, Himalayas, and Rajasthan, the new scarves are based on Hindu Gods combined with Fairy tales like Shiva and the Little Mermaid or Hanuman and The Jungle Book. I saw the samples and they are stunning and so imaginative. I am so excited they are giving a scarf away to a reader (and also a bit jealous of the winner already!).

fara boutique goa

fara boutique goaThe Rajasthan scarf shows colors of pink Jaipur, camels, daffodils, and gypsy jewelry. For Varanasi they depict the smoking grey for the ghats mixed with Sadhus, cows, monkeys, and spicy chai. They even add in the pooja flowers- it’s the detail in these scarves which make them a great souvenir (and since these are also my favorite places in India, makes it so difficult to choose one!). The Himalaya scarf tells the tale of mountain travel with Buddhist prayer wheels, thangkas, and stunning scenery and the Goa scarf (which you can win!) shows our beautiful home: lush green countryside, cows in the market, Enfield bikes, cashew flowers and more.

fara boutique goaHimalaya scarf above & all four below

fara boutique goa

I asked why their brand is the perfect for travelers like you:

“We wanted to convey imagery that was deep and meaningful to our own experiences. We consider these silk scarves as pieces of art as well as accessories and our customers often find they have their own personal attachments and their own memories of these special places in India.” -Rachel, FARA

Where can you buy FARA?

If you’re in India you can see their stock in person at FARA Boutique in Arambol, Goa. Also at the Saturday market in Arpora, Goa and Second Floow Studios in New Delhi. If you’re not in India and want to buy something please do check out their Etsy shop.

fara boutique goa

fara boutique goa

If you want to see their amazing photography and gorgeous models pop up on your socia media, be sure to follow FARA on facebook and instagram. You can email them rachel@faraboutique.com.

*FARA “GOA” Silk Scarf giveaway!!!*

fara boutique goaThis is the scarf you can win!! How cute!? I want it.

fara boutique goa

As usual, I am running this giveaway through rafflecopter so the machine can choose the winner. All you have to do is follow the instructions below which include liking both the boutique and I on social media. You have 7 days to enter. This giveaway is open to people from all countries. You will win the “Goa” scarf which is a 7,900 rs value (something like 150 bucks). It’s my favorite of the whole collection. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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