I have been holding in this exciting news for a couple months now and am so happy to finally share that I’m going on another tour with goMowgli and they are offering a discount for my readers to come along with! This time, it’s Kerala!

If you remember, which how could you not since I posted so much about it, I went on tour with them for 25 days last year in rural Karnataka. It was incredible & I wrote this completely honest review: The Nitty Gritty Review of Touring Karnataka with goMowgli. I also shared a big insight of the trip with this video: A Month in Karnataka.

In the past year, bookings for goMowgli came rolling in and they expanded outside Karnataka into Kerala and Goa. Many of their bookings came from readers on this site which made me so happy since I am such a big fan of their tours. With the expansion, it only made sense for me to come check out their new tour in Kerala for 10 days.

UPDATE: As of 2018, goMowgli is currently no longer in service. For tours of India, I recommend G Adventure. Please see my list of the best G Adventures tours here.

kerala backpacker toursKerala sunset

kerala backpacker toursviews in Kovalam

Come along with me on the best of the Kerala Backpacker tours!

I’d love for you guys to come along and make the 10 days even more incredible and goMowgli would to, so have offered you guys a huge discount if you come the same days I do. I’ve met a few readers who have passed through in Goa, and a few last year who booked the Karnataka tour with me (remember Chandell and Siobhan who’s trip around India I shared with you? and Haili who joined up in Coorg?) We had so much fun! If you’re planning on being in India this fall, this is a great opportunity to see Kerala in a very cool way.

But I suppose you need all the details, so let’s get on to what we’re going to see and what the trip includes… and of course how much it’ll cost ya!

kerala backpacker toursKochi fishing nets

Tour: Kerala Parotta Pass

Dates: September 20-27

Cost: Normally 15,000 rupees, but on sale for you with the 8 days costing 9,500 rupees ($148 USD). It’s $18 USD a day to take this tour. Keep in mind this is the tour cost (transport, tour guides, some entry fees) but you will pay for you own lodging and food. They say to expect 1,000 – 1,500 rs per day on this (15-23 bucks per day). That makes the final cost for 8 days seeing the best of Karnataka $308 USD if you spend 20 per day on food and lodging. When I budget backpack India solo, I average $200 for 7 days (see budget article here), so this is a great deal… $100 bucks more and you have a group of friends, tour guides, and don’t have to worry about a thing while seeing the best of the God’s Own Country. If you’re going to be in India during this time, you can’t really beat this. To Book at the discount rate you need to use this code when checking out: HIPPIEWITHGOMOWGLI2015

kerala backpacker toursstreet art in Kerala

kerala backpacker toursKovalam sunset, from the Leela hotel

Tour Destination Details: The folks at goMowgli introduce this better than I could, so here’s their words:

“The Kerala Parotta is the ubiquitous flat and flaky bread found everywhere in Kerala. Just like its namesake, the Kerala Parotta Hop on Hop off Pass goes everywhere in Kerala. From the historic cities of Kochi and Trivandrum to the tea plantations of Munnar, the forests of Thekaddy, the houseboats of Alleppey and the backpacker hubs that are Varkala and Kovalam. This is a Kerala tour fully loaded with everything that Kerala has to offer.”

Take a look at the full details to understand EVERYTHING about where your options to sleep are, exactly how much little things cost and what’s included each day… and a detailed schedule hour by hour of the tour.

backpacking India 2 months

backpacking India 2 monthsBackwaters of Alleppey, photos from Chandell

Highlights of the tour (in my opinion): Having been to Kerala before, but for work with Ben, I haven’t actually seen any of the tourist things except for a bit in Kochi. I’m totally stoked to see the side of Kerala tourists see & also the secrets that goMowgli always know about.

Here are some of the things I’m most excited about.

  • South Indian food on banana leafs, in general because it’s the bomb & getting a bit healthy again doesn’t hurt, since the food is much better for you in the South.
  • Cooking class in Kochi
  • Cycling through the famous tea fields on Munnar
  • Seeing a traditional martial arts performance
  • Houseboat rides in Alleppey for 5 hours with a chef cooking homestyle food
  • Bamboo rafting on the backwaters
  • Surfing in Kovalam… I have body surfed there before and the waves are no joke
  • The cliffs of Varkala, a place I have wanted to visit since I came to India
  • A hike at scenic Thekkay

backpacking kerala tours gomowgliMunnar tea fields

Again, the tour is Sept 20-27 and you must book using this discount code HIPPIEWITHGOMOWGLI2015 in order to get the discount. In the case of any problems booking, don’t hesitate to ask the people at goMowgli for a little bit of help. If you have questions about the tour, please reach out to them. You can email at contact@gomowgli.in or call them at +91-9008730975. They are some of the friendliest people I know, and will surely help you with any inquiries.

Hope to see you on the tour! If you want to ask me anything, feel free to email.