(The following is a guest post from Nina Ragusa, a fellow blogger, who lived in Krabi for over a year and is sharing her budget tips.)

Majestic karst mountains, idyllic islands, and shorelines for miles.

It’s a magical getaway.

The Krabi region, in Thailand, provides exactly this, so there’s no surprise it’s a hot spot. It’s a world famous climbing destination right on the coast, sprinkled with gorgeous islands. Yeah, who wouldn’t want to vacation here? I’m so lucky, to have called this place home for a little over a year. It’s a place I always come back to.

Krabi Budget Guide | spend less than 30 bucks a day

Often times the popular spots can totally bust your backpacker budget. If you shop around and take away some information from this article you should be set with $30 or less a day. Of course depending on your spending habits, this may or may not work for you.

If you’re an avid diver, a five cocktail minimum per night person, or a shopaholic, I’d suggest scrounging up some more money before heading over.

If you’re a modest spender, you can go pretty far with $30.

Check out how in Krabi’s hottest spots to wander to…

(prices in USD)

Krabi Town and Around

Skip around the quiet town for a bit, and you’ll notice there isn’t too much do. There are a few markets which are all fantastic, but the real stuff is on the outside. Phanom Bencha National Park offers a viewpoint, hiking, and waterfalls, and Tup Kaek is one of my favorite places on earth! The hike is relatively easy and the views are unmatched.

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

The Emerald pool would be nice if everyone and their mom didn’t go to it, but you still might find it of interest, and if there happens to be a cool morning in your future, a dip in the hot springs is a fantastic idea!

Accommodation: Blue Juice and Good Dream are $5+.

Less than 30 bucks a day on the Andaman Coast!

Railay and Tonsai on a budget

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

These two spots, especially Tonsai, I hold near and dear to my heart. They are simply gorgeous locations that offer tourists delightful views along with a castaway feel. These mainland beaches feel like a world of their own. You must get here by boat, giving you the feeling you’re on an island. Beach bumming is the main activity, but it also happens to play host to phenomenal world-class rock climbing. So try your hand at that. Many choose to stay on Railay which is more developed (and pricer), but my personal choice is Tonsai. It’s a lot more laid back here.

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

It cost $3 to get here by boat from Ao Nang.

Accommodation: Rampala on Railay is $10+. I never EVER can remember the place I stay at on Tonsai. It’s around $10 depending on the season. Tonsai is another world, you’ll know what I mean if you go. Names aren’t important while you’re here.

Koh Phi Phi on a budget

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

Koh Phi Phi is the quintessential spot to go to in Krabi. Buckets, snorkeling trips to the famous Maya Bay, and beach parties. You might burst your budget here if you’re not careful. This might be the most expensive spot on this list.

Accommodation: Places go for $10+.

Koh Lanta on a budget

Escaping to lonely beaches, partying on Long Beach, snorkel trips, chilling out, and more.

Accommodation: White Flower on Long Beach goes for $12+.

Ao Nang on a budget

This is the popular mainland beach to hang out at. You can also chill here if you’re headed to Tonsai, Railay, or on a snorkel trip.

Accommodation: Yellow Sun is about $6+.

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

Getting some grub | budget eats in Krabi

Food will be cheap, if you eat local. Should you be someone who doesn’t fancy market food or food from vendors that appear to be selling food just outside their home (because they probably are) you’re going to drain your budget. There are a plethora of markets to chow down at for super cheap.

Budget $10, and this on the high end.  I spend, on average, $7 per day for three meals.

I usually have a western style breakfast and a local dish for lunch and dinner. You can spend as little as $4 on food a day if you eat the cheapest local food around.

Other Expenses in Krabi:

Motorbike rental – $6 for a 24 hour rental.

Full tank – $2

National Park entrance fees – $5-10

Songthaew (public taxi) – $1-2+ depending where you’re headed.

Rock climbing with gear and guide- $30

Four island snorkeling trip – $13-$15

Your Little Krabi Budget Guide

As you may have noticed, you can also spend a lot less than $30 a day. If you are just hanging out for a few days with no plans but sticking your toes in the sand, you’d be fine to get by with $15-20 for a room and food. After a few days like that, maybe busting your budget one day for climbing or diving would be well justified.

Last minute thought, keep in mind the season you’re coming in at as well. High season will hike the cost up.

There’s one thing that’s for sure, there’s no going wrong with traveling around the Krabi region. It’s popular for a reason. It’s freaking gorgeous! Feel free to check out more info on Krabi on my site and please feel free to comment with any questions.

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