After a few days sailing in the San Blas islands, living the island life, I have never felt happier than when I walked into my giant room at Las Clementinas in Casco Viejo back in Panama City.

Recently Casco Viejo has been going through huge renovations and this little apartment/hotel is one of the most famous places to stay based on how freaking adorable it is! We were on the top floor of a walk-up and at first, I wasn’t sure what it would be like since it seems like an older building, but they have done such an incredible job designing these rooms and adding every luxury touch you could want. Even better, each room is totally different! I had a very calm, sleek room and Silvia had a bright kind of modern room. Let’s take a look!

Las Clementinas Apartment Review

Las Clementinas Apartment Review

The apartments come complete with bedrooms, dining/living room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

On the bed was a little guide to Casco Viejo written by the couple who own the hotel and live in the area. It was a really cute touch and made the place feel like home. The whole decor in my room was laid-back and relaxing. I didn’t want to leave!

Las Clementinas Apartment Review

In the kitchen, you can ask ahead of time to stock breakfast.

Since these are serviced apartments, not a hotel, there isn’t a restaurant inside (although there is one connected next door). So if you don’t want to be bothered going to the grocery store, you can ask them to put your breakfast items in the fridge.

las clementinas hotel review

The living room and bathroom were both decorated so cute, as well!

There were books and newspapers as well as robes and Algotherm products in the bathrooms. There was a TV in the bedroom and I tried to brush up on my Spanish watching the Simpsons before bed!

Las Clementinas Apartment Review

las clementinas

If you want to book the Las Clementinas, you can check prices and availability here. I suggest booking well-enough ahead in the peak season (October – February) as it is very popular and there are not a lot of rooms, which helps keep the charm!