After much deliberation and going through over 200 applicants for Hippie in Heels new travelers, I chose 7 wonderful bloggers representing different areas in the world to travel in my place when I can’t go and write about it on the blog!

They will be writing guest posts on the blog occasionally so you can get to know them and fingers crossed some trips come up that I can send them on! I want to tell you who these amazing travelers are so you can follow their own blogs or check them out on Instagram. You’ve got to be tired of reading my words by now, ha ha!

Hippie in Heels New Travelers & Writers

Nam Cheah, Asia

Nam was born and raised in Hong Kong and spent a lot of time in the UK in her adolescence. She likes to write about cultural sites, hiking, and experiences. She’s a fan of geology (Sheldon from Big Bang wouldn’t be impressed lol) and loves volcanoes. Check out her blog and Instagram

Michelle & Nicky, SE Asia

Michelle is a pharmacist and Nikki is an engineer, and they have a couple’s travel blog. They’re from Malta, in their late 30’s, and have traveled over 50 countries. They’re now based in SE Asia, but bouncing around exploring. They love to write about food! Check out their blog and Instagram

Monet Sommers, Europe

Monet is from Tennessee but living as an expat in Germany as her husband was relocated there for work. She loves fashion and cooking, and she’s also a great photographer. Her Instagram is just amazing! Check out her blog and Instagram

Susan Ripley, Central & South America

I didn’t even have a need for a traveler here as I’m not often requested to go on trips here, but Susan is just too cool! She spent a lot of time the last two years in this region after leaving her job as a fashion designer in NYC. She travels with her husband and is a great photographer. Check out her blog and Instagram

Sophie Nadeau, UK

Sophie lives in London. She’s all about traveling like a local and she takes amazing photos. Her Instagram is #goals. I love her style! She’s lived all around the world and studied Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin) in school. She just finished her study abroad in Paris. Check out her blog and Instagram

Reshman Narasing, India

Reshma is based in Mumbai and used to be an engineer before quitting her job to travel. She’s into hiking, trekking, and hanging out in the mountains. I’m sure we can learn ab lot more about India from her. Check out her blog and Instagram

Catalina Todd, USA

I’ve followed Catalina on Instagram for a while, so was familiar with her. She’s also from the midwest and moved to Italy after school. She’s now back in the USA though and keen to keep traveling. She wants to show people off-beat adventures and help people get our of their comfort zones. Check out her blog and Instagram