I loved spending my only sunny day in Slovenia wandering the alleys and looking in some shops. I wanted to share my favorites and also just dot them out on a map for you. There are so many cute shops in Ljubljana that you can easily just walk around and find them yourself (it’s a small town) but so that you don’t miss the best ones, here they are!

Cute Shops in Ljubljana

Zebra Gra Na Luno

Cute Shops in Ljubljana

This is the cutest shop! The  items in here are handmade by students at a school for kids with hearing impairments and who are deaf. I bought the bear below but then I saw the sad looking bear I left behind and had to buy him too!

Cute Shops in Ljubljana

Krasevka homemade products

This shop just has everything you would need for souvenirs in terms of cooking. I listed out all the top souveniers to buy in Slovenia below (in bullet points) and all the food ones you can get in this shop.

Dratz Knitwork

This is the cutest!!

This is a very niche shop that is just knitwear. It’s very beautiful and very pricey. 

This is the cutest!!

You can see all the materials in the back. It’s got a personal cozy vibe. They actually take designs that are microscopic, like a cell, and then turn into into a graphic that they can knit. Designs like that are made with knitting machines. 


This is the cutest!!

Zoofa is a curated shop that has a handful of the top brands in Slovenia in their stock. The designers all have a part in running Zoofa and work together. They are big brands (runway style) but you can get smaller items like shoes, jewelry, and accessories. 

Fox Boutique

On this road you find Fox Boutique you will find more like it. It’s a road full of boutiques like this, but Fox is the only one I remember the name of. They have trendy knickknacks, like a coffee cup that says “but first, coffee” = that sort of thing.


This is the cutest!!

Srina has locally designed products inside with a very cool vibe. I loved the pants I found below, but the price was too high, and a few hundred dollars. I did overall find shopping to be expensive in Slovenia except for souvenirs. I think I went to more expensive shops though so there might be more I didn’t see. 

This is the cutest!!

Souvenirs to buy in Slovenia

I wanted to list out a few souvenirs that I saw over and over in Slovenia so that you have an idea what you might want to buy and take home for friends and family. 

  • Pumpkin seed oil- had this at nearly every meal to dip my bread
  • Felt – they make everything out of it and locals wear felt slippers at home
  • Slovenian Wine – very tasty, had a glass every day!
  • Salt from Piran – you’ll see it in every shop
  • Dark Chocolate with Piran Salt – buy some to take home
  • Karst region honey and all beeswax-related products
  • Kranjska sausage – some types you can take in luggage and others you cannot
  • Adorable knickknacks are everything – especially ones with cute trendy sayings
  • Juniper oil from Karst region – helps with period pains and loads of other things
  • Baskets – in the market in Ljubljana
  • Sheepskins – seems odd, but you’ll notice them as decor in most homes and many hotels

cute shops in ljubljana

I hope you’ll enjoy these cute shops in Ljubljana and have fun shopping in Slovenia!