This post hardly needs any intro other than the title, but it feels wrong to just show you photos of cows in India and not explain why they are so awesome. Today I am in a funky mood and thought I’d share this little photo album instead of such serious tips about India!

They are holy and they are EVERYWHERE. You’ll see them outside 5 star hotels, in the street, and laying out tanning their hides on the beach. The babies are adorable. I thought growing up next to a farm with them that I wouldn’t be shocked by them here. I was wrong. It’s such a unique quality of India, almost no one can visit here without relaying to friends about “the cows!!”. So without further delay, here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken of them.

funny cows in indiajust shopping for a new scarf

funny cows in indiastrolling through the market

funny cows in indiasecurity outside our house

funny cows in indiaroad block cows

funny cows in indiamom and baby getting their tan on

funny cows in indialooks mean, but was nice

funny cows in india outside my hotel, um, scuse me mr. cow I need through

funny cows in indiamy favorite baby of all time was discovering his tongue for a good 20 minutes

funny cows in indialooks mean, was mean, pinned me against a wall… ripped my ali baba rants right off! Tell you more about that later, I promise

funny cows in indiathey’re too cute to fight, but no one told them

funny cows in indiajust waiting for the train to Udaipur 

funny cows in indiain Goa, straight chillin’

cow goa this one went to Clare’s before stopping by my house

Now for a little more cow inspiration with some photos from flickr. I’m clearly not the only one who loves Indian cows. Actually, my friend Saffron loves them so much she draws them on the regular.

funny cows in indiaphoto credit

funny cows in indiaStreet of Delhi, photo credit

funny cows in indiaHoly cows, photo credit 1 and credit 2

funny cows in indiaknock knock, can I come in? photo credit

funny cows in indiaphoto credit