Natti’s Naturals is a new organic cafe and retail shop in Arpora, Goa. After one rainy Saturday eating her potato and leak soup along with a toastie and some hot tea, I knew I’d be coming back for more! When she mentioned she was planning to start an English fry up (free-range sausage and bacon, fried in olive oil with tomatoes and onions- served with local pao) on Sundays, Ben’s eye lit up like a little kid. Natti's Naturals GoaNatti’s is one of the first health food shops in Goa to work with locals farmers AND her products are all (well almost, 95%) sourced from organic certified companies in India. Natti’s Vision is:

Natti's Naturals Goa

“From Farm to Shop”


Natti’s Naturals // The Cafe

Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals GoaThe cafe opens bright and early to serve up healthy breakfasts full of super foods (something I actually know nothing about but is SO popular here in Goa) like spirulina, barley grass, wheatgrass, and amaranth. I stick to fresh fruit salads (with granola and buffalo yogurt) and fresh juices. I don’t go as far as the popular ABC (apple, beetroot, carrot… I think) but just stick to pineapple.  Natti's Naturals GoaShe’s becoming well known for her yummy healthy salads: barley salad with feta, pomegranate, and rocket served in a dill dressing, a beetroot salad with feta, avocado, and walnuts, and the very delicious salad bowl. I don’t go as healthy as beetroot, and instead have her freshly made roasted pepper houmous with lots of bread! For lunch, I like to have either the Spanish tortilla or chicken schnitzel with the best potato salad in Goa which is a secret recipe of Natti’s Naturals. Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals Goa

The Shop

The products in Nattis Naturals shop range from organic teas, coffees, herbs, spices, healthy snacks, natural cosmetics, clothes and healthcare products. Food is priced from 40-300 rupees. As I said, 95% are made in India and many farms she has personally visited like Galston in Tivim who has a 1/2 acre organic garden. Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals Goa Some of the yummy things they stock are imported goji berries, cacao nibs, chia seeds and acai berry powder. The Apple cider vinegar is even made in India from Organic apples. Natti's Naturals Goa

They have loads of gluten free products for the wheat intolerant and make cakes from the gluten free flour in the cafe .

Tia and Tan‘s line is carried there, adorable Grasshopper for Kids clothing, as well as ISLA candles (my new creation). Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals Goa Natti's Naturals Goa

Natti's Naturals Goa

Yoga & Workshops

Other then coming for a bite, Natti’s Naturals is a meeting place for like-minded people. You’ll find yogis and homeopaths here sharing ideas over coffee… just after having one of Natti’s yoga classes. Natti's Naturals Goa

natties naturals goaNatti is a Sivananda trained yoga teacher (her mom trained with the late BKS Inyenger). She’s studied naturopathic medicine and brought up three kids on homeopathy. She was in Bangalore living the corporate life but was drawn back to Goa where her parents lived for years (Natti is half Indian/ Half Austrian). Thanks for her Punjabi background, she was taught how to use food as medicine. Natti's Naturals GoaYoga classes are from 7am- 8am. It is a focus on Pranayam and is very relaxed. I went to Natti’s for yoga all monsoon, and can vouch it’s my favorite place to do yoga in Goa.

One sunday a month Natti’s will have farmers markets. The first one is on the 23rd of November. There will be a permeculture 4 day workshop where you learn to make any soil into pesticide free organic land in November, but the date is TBA. Luckily, anyone can come! It’ll cost 1000 rupees a day for 4 days and the 4th day is hands on where we start to filter the land on Natti’s Naturals garden .

Location & Contact

Natti Mac, owner Natti’s Naturals Phone number 8550999422 // e-mail her at Like Natti’s Natural’s on Facebook Open 9am to 5pm now. From November they will be open 7am for yoga then cafe and shop open at 8:30am to 7:00pm. Natti's Naturals Goa

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