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Chilling at Luxury Villa Noi Varo with the Sullivan brothers

Ben’s little bro, Josh, has come to visit Goa for two weeks. After a couple of days of chilling by the pool, heavy boozing, and eating at yummy spots like Greek spot Thalassa & French bakery Baba Au Rhum, we checked in at Noi Varo in Siolim to relax. I’ve been meaning to review this place and share with you for a long time as it’s one of the rare ones that stay open year round plus it’s been mentioned in CN Traveler, ELLE, and more not just for being “better than a 5 star”, but having the best food in all of Goa. We also wanted to treat Josh to some luxury digs while he was here, so it was the perfect time to go.

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolimReview of Noi Varo Siolim, Goa

This refurbished Portuguese / Goan style house lived up to the expectations. We got there early so we could enjoy the pool and sunshine. One thing to know is that it’s a little tricky to find if you’re searching via google maps. Once you turn left (coming from Anjuna side) at the Siolim intersection near the church, you’ll see a coffee shop on your left a little ways down and it’s just across that. The sign isn’t huge; I had to call and check where it was.

noi varo siolim rooms

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolim bathBasically, you take the whole 3 bedroom villa out and treat it as your own home, complete with housekeeper, cook, and a head of the house who will take care of anything you need. There’s an indoor dipping pool, a big lobby, dining room, massive bedrooms, and bathrooms in each one with showers that are partially open-air. There is also a loft at the top, so that 8 people in total can sleep in the house comfortably.

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolimRooms were really big and the design was just perfect. We kept catching ourselves saying, “one day I want that in my house!” and pointing at something they had, whether it be the bathroom design, a photo of a kickass leopard, or the comfortable beds. You’ll have WiFi, TV, A/C, sound system and an outdoor pool as well as a tower to chill on that overlooks the river. They can also set you up with fishing trips, market tours, water sports, or massage for you. For me the best part was the food (go figure!)

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolim pool

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolim

Dining at Noi Varo

We were served a traditional Goan lunch that was amazing. It consisted of unpolished rice & steamed rice, cabbage, beans, rava fry prawns, mussels, small rava fry fish, black Pomfret, and prawn curry.

noi varo siolimI don’t know why, but this prawn curry was the best curry I’ve ever had in India, not just Goan! It was so light and not too fishy tasting- more like a tomato soup. We devoured it all. It was the perfect first Indian meal for Josh to have.

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolimDinner was a fusion style and the chef said it was Arab style. It was amazing and flavors I hadn’t had before. They served a mushroom and almond dip, lemon and dried onion ceviche (kingfish), delicious celery soup, and a beetroot and apple salad to start. For mains we had kingfish with a vanilla cream on top, green beans, local bread, and a fried lentil patty with watermelon on top! It was delicious! I would go back just for the food for sure.

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolimBreakfast was muesli, yogurt, fruit, bread, and eggs how you like them. After enjoying all the food, was so happy to know of their plans to open up the dining to non-guests which they haven’t done in the past. If you book about 4 days ahead of time, you can get the place for lunch or dinner and chill by the pool. Better yet, if you drink too much you can crash there at a lower rate.

noi varo siolimI know 100% that from now on everyone who comes to visit here will be taken to Noi Varo for a Goan lunch. I’ve never had such a good one. Alcohol isn’t served, but you can ask the guy there to run and get you some or you can bring your own. We brought some chocolates, beer, and a Monopoly board and I got to see how the Sullivan brother negotiate… and then kicked their butts!

Booking & Contact | Noi Varo

During peak season prices are double that of monsoon, with monsoon being 500 USD for the full house for the night. You’ll have to take the place out for a minimum amount of time in peak season.

As mentioned, they are starting to do dinners and lunches per request to non-guests. It would be the perfect place for a birthday party.

Click through to book a room at Noi Varo. You can read up more about Noi Varo’s rates and the partner hotels, Kaju Varo and Yoga Varo on the Shunya website. Rates include breakfast, luxury tax and service tax are extra.

Contact number 0091 8805018074 or email at mail@shunyachi.com.

noi varo siolim

noi varo siolim


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  1. My mouth waters every time I read your posts, Rachel. Rawa fried prawns… Yum!

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    heaven?but so expensive.. lucky Josh!

    • Rachel Jones April 3, 2015 at 4:18 pm - Reply

      yes, quite pricey – but you can go just for lunch rather than stay the night! :)

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    You suffer so much living in a third world country. Damn!

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      @Soniya – It’s too much fun teasing Rachel.

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