Meet the fancy luggage that has a 6,000 person waiting list!

Why? Not just because it’s really pretty. Raden has a GPS and two charging ports on it, making it the most advanced luggage that has been invented so far. I’ve reviewed a handful of luggage pieces on this blog, but this is definitely the OG.

Raden Luggage Review

raden luggage review

This is the 28″ piece from their set. They only do a 22″ and 28″ in their two piece sets. My carry-on size is still on back-order.

The sizes are something to consider. For a one week trip, I find a 28″ to be pretty large and usually go for a 25″ but it’s great for over 10 days.

You also have to be aware the domestic flights in the US or on budget carriers can be strict about the height of carry-ons and limit you at 19″ or 21″ counting the height of the wheels.

raden luggage review

I went with the Bronze color. I love gold but was afraid it would be too shiny. I had read reviews because black looked really nice but people said it scratched, so I didn’t go for that. Also, the white was a top choice but I was afraid with how often I travel it would get ruined.

raden luggage review

There is a 7,800mAh battery built into the luggage and two USB charging ports so before your flight you can top up your iPhone and Kindle. It can charge an iPhone 4 times. I can’t travel without my [easyazon_link identifier=”B00OQVZDJM” locale=”US” tag=”Hipinhee-20″]Kindle[/easyazon_link], Headphones, and phone so it’s the best!

It also has GPS. You need to download the Raden app that you can then track your luggage. Yay for no more lost luggage!

Travel smart

“From weight sensors to built-in phone chargers, our cases come complete with the latest tech-enabled features – and they all connect seamlessly to our mobile app.”

The weight sensor is by far my favorite thing about this luggage. No more using the hanging weights or stepping on a scale and doing the math to guess your luggage weight- you actually just lift the luggage by the top handle. It will tell you on the app. How cool is that!?

raden luggage review

raden luggage review

The pieces are 13 pounds for the large and 8 pounds for the carry-on. I know you’re thinking that sounds like a lot but this is pretty standard for lightweight hardshell luggage. My IT Megalite soft-shell luggage was around 10 pounds for the large 29″ and it’s meant to be the lightest in the word. With the battery and tech built into this, I suppose that accounts for the extra weight.

They use Makrolon® Polycarbonate which is meant to be the best to prevent cracks while still being lightweight.

They also have reversed zippers that are 100% waterproof.

raden luggage review

The app works like a charm and the chargers have too. Overall, it’s pretty cool and on top of that it is really fun to look at and rolls really smoothly.

These are in high demand so even if you order now, you’ll be on a waiting list.

Use this link to shop luggage sets.


Raden provided me this luggage in exchange for writing a review – but all opinions are my own :)