5 Reasons You Have to Visit Bandung, Indonesia

I hadn't even heard of Bandung before I got invited there on a press trip over a year ago. I've been to 7 more countries since then, and Bandung still stands out as one of the most interesting places I visited! There are so many things to do in Bandung, Indonesia that I recommend you

Southern Bandung | sulfur lakes and tea fields

After seeing so much in Northern Bandung, I was really excited to see what the South has in store. So, here's what to do in Southern Bandung, or at least what I did. Everyone talked about the "White Crater" and I didn't google it because I really wanted a surprise. I was not disappointed. By

Northern Bandung | mountains and volcanic craters

I didn't know what to expect at all when I got to Bandung, least of all what to do in Northern Bandung. I was there on a trip with Indonesia and Bandung tourism, and didn't have much time to research the area. I was BLOWN AWAY with the sights. Some of the best parts were

Why I Was in Bandung + What to do in Bandung?

As we raced down the highway, I curled up in the front seat with my Harry Potter audio book playing (while Harry was first discovering his hidden Quidditch talents) on the way to the airport to leave Indonesia. I'd been in Bandung for 5 days and weirdly felt like I was in America on the