Guide for One Day in Mumbai (Bombay)

Bombay (Mumbai) can be overwhelming on your first visit, but after multiple trips it's much easier to get around with ease and see more of the amazing city. I'll share with you where I took my parents in Mumbai when we only had one day. With just one day in Mumbai, here is what you

My 5 Favorite Cities in India

I’ve been in India quite a long time and still feel like I haven’t seen enough of it, but I have done some pretty significant exploring in the last two years. I’m going to share the places that I loved the most. For each place is a link in the title that will take you

10 Best Restaurants in Bombay

Bombay has a huge variety of cuisines. Many travelers get overwhelmed by the huge, crowded city; it’s clear that everything is better in Mumbai when you have a local friend. The nightlife is amazing and the restaurants are even better. My girl, Niki, a Bombay native is sharing her all time favorite places to eat