My Little Guide to Maui | Beaches, Food, Lodging & MORE

Maui is a stunning island in Hawaii! I spent a few weeks in Hawaii and wrote a number of articles about my time, but wanted it to be kind of all together in one article. There are links throughout this guide to Maui so you can read more. Which Area to Stay in Maui: I'll start

Mom daughter day in Dublin, Ohio

I miss a lot back home living in India and this year I missed my mom's birthday and mothers day... actually I think I've missed them (in person) for a few years, so I wanted to plan something for us to do when I was home. We went shopping at Easton, to the Spa at

The Cure for Wanderlust – Enter the GlobeIn Giveaway

I am so happy to have been introduced to this new product! It's a monthly subscription that brings the world to your door... finally a cure for wanderlust! If you can't travel, this is a great way to get a little bit from all across the globe with GlobeIn- an artisan box filled with goodies

Finally jumping on the Trover bandwagon

I really think hard before I start something new... even if it's watching Friday Night Lights from the beginning on Netflix, mainly because once I start something I have to finish it (even if I don't like it, like 50 Shade of Grey or Twilight, ugh!). So, I was cautious and staying back when I

14 Ways to Earn Abroad | How to Make Money While You Travel

You can make money while you travel and actually earn money. I recommend starting out with a bit of savings & making sure to stick to your budget, while also seeking out free options for travel, then you can start to travel and make money at the same time. Read more on these first: 9

Expats | 22 Ways You Might be Turning Indian

After so much time in India, it seems I am turning Indian, but I'm not the only one. I see many expat friends changing the longer they stay in India. It's the small things I catch myself doing or someone points out to me. It's almost impossible to immerse yourself in a culture for a

goMowgli VIDEO | One Month in Karnataka

As most people who read my blog know, I spent October of last year with goMowgli touring Karnataka. I raved about what a killer time I had in a review I wrote about the tour. While traveling with them I took my GoPro wanting to get more into video. UPDATE: As of 2018, goMowgli is

13 Tips on How to Save Money While Traveling

When you are planning a trip abroad or in your own country, each step is important to make sure you save the most amount of money. Once you're on the road it doesn't become a free for all; you still have to manage your expenses so you don't end up going home earlier than you