You can make money while you travel and actually earn money. I recommend starting out with a bit of savings & making sure to stick to your budget, while also seeking out free options for travel, then you can start to travel and make money at the same time. Read more on these first:

Then, once you’ve figured out how to travel on the cheap you can use these tips to start making money so you can enjoy your journey even more.

How to Make Money While You Travel

1. Teach a class

This is one of the best ways to earn money while you travel. What are you good at? Yoga? Painting? Ask hostels if you can teach for a small amount to their guests. In Goa especially there are a lot of girls teaching yoga. Some people here who are good at working out starting teaching fitness classes. A place in Goa called Vaayu hosts “artists in residence”.

2. Do dishes or whatever work a hostel needs

I’ve done this at a hostel in order to stay for free or for a small amount of cash. It’s maybe only a 10 dollar perk, but sometimes exchanges like this work out well for a budget traveler.

River Tern Jungle Lodge Boat Safari

3. Teaching english

It seems like half the other travel bloggers out there got started by teaching english abroad after college. It’s a high paying gig and some bloggers have saved thousands. You don’t have to be a blogger of course, but they are the ones documenting this. Try TESOL or TEFL certification. Many do this in South Korea. I considered it in India and would if there was a need in Goa but there really isn’t. Again, you have to invest a little money into the class. This article claims you can earn 300,000 USD in 5 years and another shows you the top 5 countries to make money teaching English: Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Gulf Arab States. This is the best way to start out earning money while traveling if you want to become a travel blogger.

4. Start a new small “business”

From the massage I do, to making candles, or my website, there are many ways to try to become an entrepreneur. Some may make you a lot and some may make you beer money. What sounds fun to you? If you can travel slow (which saves money in the long run), then get crafty. I’ve seen some people make bracelets, draw, paint nails, etc at markets to learn a little cash on the side. Goa is full of foreigners making and selling jewelry. You can even try starting a website and earn from ads or affiliate sales. If you’re thinking “I don’t know how to start a website”, well neither did I before I started this one by googling “how to start a travel blog”.

isla candles goa

5. Learn a new skill

I leaned Thai massage & make a decent amount of money from this. Thai massage is a clothed massage on a yoga mat and I can do it anywhere. Although I was busy with it this season, I am not interested in growing this much and don’t even advertise anymore… but if I wanted to do this just for friends I meet when I travel for a little extra cash I could.

6. Work on a yacht

You can be the help on a yacht. From what I read it’s hard work, but you sure will get to see a lot. Here is an blog of a girl who does just this: Little Mermaid at Sea by a chick called Arielle (really!). You can also apply for jobs on cruise ships. This is an awesome way to get paid to travel and is one of the best travel the world jobs!

little mermaid at sea

7. Pass out fliers

I’ve seen this like crazy in Thailand with kids passing them out for clubs or adventure activities. They’ll be paid for this and also get a free place to stay at the hostel in most instances. Some college kids do this and stay on the islands their whole summer.

8. Working on farms

Using sites like WWOOF help you find farms in exchange for a free place to stay. In Australia, you can apply for a working visa and make minimum wage (which is high there) for working on farms. Check out their official website. There are places in the US you can even cut weed legally for cash!

9. Become a tour guide

I just saw an ad yesterday for a company I love and write about, gomowgli, who is hiring tour guides and promoting it as traveling India for free. You can search out on Google for a position like this. Believe it or not, there are many. Jessica from Curiosity Travels is starting one as a guide in the US with Peak Adventure Travel. Cities that offer free walking tours need people to lead those tours. In big cities in Europe, you can even lead bar crawls and earn from tips on top- I met a girl years ago I introduced to you in this post who leads tours now and loves it. Below were my goMowgli guides!

gomowgli review india

10. Bartending

My friend Megan bartended at a hostel in Medellin and stayed for ages! It can be the perfect gig. I know places in Goa that hire every season and in places like some Thai islands, you don’t always need the proper paperwork (as in they will look the other way).

11. Become an Au Pair

One of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Abroad, started a whole website about Au Pairing so start out with some of her tips and you’ll be living somewhere cool with a family, learning local traditions, and earning a good income.

12. Become a flight attendant

I think it probably sounds more luxurious that it really is, but I know a few girls who do this and they get to stay in cities (on the cost of the airline) in nice hotels for a few days between flights. As you know, I think reading blogs is a great way to get inside scoop, so here’s a blogger that writes about the Flight Attendant Life.

13. Use your degree if you have one

Maybe you can do business abroad, or you can use that hospitality major to work in the Taj Hotel or the Alila in Bali! You might be able to do nursing abroad, PR, and IT. If you’re not in college yet, consider majoring in something that will allow you to travel!

earn money abroad

14. Work online

This can be hard, but many do it. You can take jobs on websites like elance  or fiverr writing someone’s resume, editing papers, doing web design, and so much more. Once girl wrote about doing modeling on one! You can even start your own website as a portfolio for more work. It doesn’t have to be about travel- it can be fashion, or really specific about your love for nail polish designs. You’d be surprised what types of websites are really popular. Are you a vegan traveler, gluten free, traveling with diabetes, traveling with your 90 year old grandma – or whatever that makes your trip different – is something you can write about that SOMEONE out there will relate to. Become an authority on it. Many bloggers use sites like that and redirect them to another site which makes them money. For example a travel blogger may direct to another site which does tours, or an artist may redirect to hiring her digital design.

Another way you can make money (sort of) online to travel for free is through airbnb. Anyone can become an affiliate like I am. Basically,use this airbnb link to book, receive $20 off you first booking, and get your friends to sign up through YOUR link to get $20 each time they do. You get the money in airbnb credit and can get a nice hotel for free!

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Combine these tips so you can stay on the road longer!