Backpacking India for Two Months | A Sneak Peek & Tips

While on a tour through Karnataka, I met Siobhan Carrick and Chandell Kelly. I'd briefly spoken with them on Instagram, and I knew they followed my blog. We had some amazing times together on the Chikkamagalur loop of the goMowgli tour & they kept me cracking up telling me stories from their last two months

Complete Guide to Traveling in Karnataka & 9 Hotspots

I am BLOWN away by Karnataka. For some reason, tourists just don't spend much time traveling in Karnataka. Backpackers pop over to Hampi (the mysterious boulders) or maybe a trip to Jog Falls and that's about it. Even Indian nationals were saying, "holy cow is that REALLY in India!?" on comments of my Karnataka photos. Karnataka is

7 Things to Do in Mysore | A Complete Mysore Guide

After spending about 10 days exploring this city with a tour guide, I sure as hell better be able to give you some kind of Mysore guide! If goMowgli taught me anything, it’s that even 10 days isn’t long enough to see this “royal” city and learn about it’s past. Actually, I’ve learned so much

8 Day Trips From Mysore

When I first backpacked India, I went from city to city, maybe a small town here and there, but they were all Lonely Planet approved. After living in Goa I realized how much goes missed in guide books. Had I come to Mysore alone, I would have done all the things in Mysore one should do

Finding the Best Food in Mysore | 8 Mysore Restaurants

Mysore is known for a lot: yoga, silk, Ayurveda... but food was not something I heard people rave about. It doesn't have that expat Bangalore crowd so I didn't think I'd find anything but Indian. Overall, I think while in Mysore eating local South Indian food is ideal. The Western stuff is okay, but it

A Review of Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center (IVAC) in Mysore

I think I’m finally believing in Ayurveda! Ok maybe the massage part more so than the medical part, but had I more time at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC) it might have just converted the U.S. trained nurse in me over. I have always thought Ayurveda massages were too oily and didn’t work my muscles

Your Mysore Shopping Guide

In Mysore you have shopping options GALORE. Mysore might be royal and known for yoga, but many people come here just to shop. Famous Mysore silk is found here with sari prices starting at 12,000 rupees up to over a Lakh!.  Khadi cotton is sold almost everywhere and I myself stocked up on about 9

Green Hotel Mysore, A Princess Palace & Hangout Spot

Two nights in a room in a palace? Yes please! The Green Hotel was called Chittaranjan Palace when it was built by the Maharaja (Great King) of Mysore for his sister in 1916. They don't call Mysore royal for no reason; there are 8 palaces here. This hotel was sold off by the family post independence to a film