Welcome back to This is India! I always have funny/weird stories about India to share with friends or family when I talk to them. This is just meant to be an honest portrayal about my life in India through short anecdotes. I also share here what I’ve been up to online outside Hippie in Heels.

What I was up to other than here:

  • I changed my hosting! It is a pain to do (if you aren’t tech savvy) so I was worried my site would be down, but it appears to be doing okay.
  • I’m hiring someone new to take over my tech side of my blog, as a web developer, and am excited to finally finish my theme change!
  • Nothing new to share other than that… just been chiliin and eating nachos! Natti’s Naturals in Arpora, has a new taco dish that is the bomb.com – you’ve got to try! This is literally the only Mexican food in Goa except the burritos at the Saturday market but they aren’t great.

nattis taco

Now your story,

Where do you walk your dogs?

I don’t have many choices, what with the monkeys, stray dogs, and pythons in the jungle paths.

I therefore have only one place left to walk my dogs:

Killer Hill.

So there is this hill in my village that doesn’t have a lot of stray dogs on it. We drive up here to take our dogs for a walk since right near my house are a lot of stray dogs making it difficult to walk the dogs near home.

I couldn’t find a photo without text over it from a last post, but this is the hill.

This is India! 98

The hill has a reputation.

There have been a number of murders on this hill. Yep, it’s… *cue the scary music* KILLER HILL.

And someone has officially labeled it so (apparently it’s not new, but Ben and I only just noticed it).

killer hill assagao

killer hill assagao

I have heard all the stories and a couple murders took place while I lived in this village. There was the girl found murdered, then a man’s body found last year. Tragedies!

I’ve always been told not to walk there alone, unless of course the dogs are with me (because even murderous Indians will be afraid of my rescued strays according to theory, since most Indians are afraid of dogs).

I didn’t know about this a while back and used to take Shanti up here on my own. I’d also jog up here back in my work out days a couple years ago.

So, I haven’t heard of anything else happening since the last murder in 2015, but it’s reputation precedes itself…. as this graffiti artist wanted everyone to know.

This is India!