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Now your story,

This story is coming to you from Pune, where I hinted (repeatedly) that I didn’t have the greatest experience with local transport and rickshaw drivers.

I had changed drivers about 10 times this day and I was flustered from the rain when I hopped into this guy’s rick. He was about 60, seemed really nice, and fixed the plastic so the rain didn’t come in. He kept turning around to talk to me at lights, which isn’t unusual, but then told me my “skin was so fair so pretty” and reached to touch my cheek. I dodged him. Later when I went to get out of the rick, he tried to help me with my rain coat zipper. I told him kindly that I did not need help. Then as I handed him money, he grabbed hand hard, pulled it to his mouth, and kissed my hand. I didn’t say anything, just grabbed my hand back and left. I did give him a dirty look and he could tell I was angry, but it wasn’t worth a fight.

You wouldn’t think this is a big deal, but IT IS. He would never have done that to a local girl. It’s way over the line. How indian men treat foreign girls is different than how they treat Indian girls because they think they can get away with it.

Sometimes they do because women may not know if a kiss on the hand is ok, or a touch on the cheek, so trying to prevent from being rude they awkwardly laugh. The guy sees a smile and thinks, “these dumb western girls are so easy I bet I could take her to bed!”  It can be hard to tell when an Indian man is genuinely sweet or trying something.

I talked to my Indian girlfriends about it just after and they were furious saying they would have called the police, they would have screamed at him, etc… but they all agreed, he wouldn’t have done that to them in the first place.

It’s frustrating, but as foreign girls, we should still stand up against things that are okay back home, but not okay in India or the men get the wrong idea. If a cabbie in NY kissed my hand I would laugh and call him a whacko but I wouldn’t be offended.

So now that I know my Indian girlfriends would have flipped out on this guy- but then again he never would have tried this with them, if it happened again I would react more harshly I think.

What do you guys think?

This is India!

feature image photo credit (kerala)

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